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Jerusalem and Obama: Poking at the Eye of God

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A recent poll of Israeli adults revealed that the majority of Israelis oppose the division of Jerusalem. Of those surveyed, 66% oppose any part of Jerusalem being part of a Palestinian state; 73% oppose international control of the city; and 67% oppose a construction freeze in Jerusalem. Israeli leadership is clearly in agreement with this poll, as illustrated by Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu's declaration that "Jerusalem . . . will never be divided again."

President Obama would like to see the city divided. But one should ask, "What would be the possibility of dividing Mecca or of giving Philadelphia to the queen of England?"

Israel has a long history with the city of Jerusalem. It was the capital city of Israel going back to King David's time, approximately one thousand years before the birth of Christ. In fact, no other nation on earth has such a long history with its capital city.

Jerusalem is called "the city of God" in the Old Testament. In fact, it is such an important city to God that He announced that "he who touches you touches the apple of His eye." Translation: "Keep your hands off of Jerusalem. If you do not, expect God to react to you as someone would react who gets poked in the eye." God nowhere speaks in such a way about any other city on earth.

Parenthetically, what will happen to the U.S. as a result of the nation's leader poking at the eye of God in his attempt to divide the city of God? As if the president's adversarial relationship with Israel was not risking enough, based on God's warning in Genesis 12:3, Obama decides to go after the very capital city of Israel--and the very city of God. Expect consequences to come to the U.S., as a result. 

As we return to the focus on Jerusalem, we can see that not only was this city important to God in the past, it will also be central to God's future plan. Jerusalem will be the city from which the Messiah will rule the world (Jeremiah 3:17; Luke 1:31-33) following His return to the earth. Thus, it will be the future capital of the world!

In the meantime, President Obama speaks of the "problem of Jerusalem". However, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu does not see a problem with Jerusalem. Instead, he declared that Jerusalem will remain the united capital of Israel. In fact, immediately after that declaration, he emphatically stated that: "Jerusalem must never again be divided!"

The Israeli Prime Minister is Biblically correct. According to end-times prophecy, Israel will be in possession of East Jerusalem, the location of the Temple Mount, when the end-times treaty—that which begins the clock ticking on the final seven years leading to the return of Christ—is confirmed. Thus, Israel will maintain ALL of the "city of God" when the end-times treaty is confirmed. God will not allow Jerusalem to be divided, so as to fulfill His plan for the Jewish people.

And the Jewish people have not given up the hope of peace in Jerusalem one day. This is due to the movement of God among the hearts of the Jewish people. This movement led to last week's Temple Mount priestly blessing, which may be God's preparation for the rebuilding of the temple.

For the first time in Israel's recent history, the recitation of the Priestly Blessing on the Temple Mount took place. Why now? In connection with the alignment of a number of other key events with end-times fulfillment, this event and this timing are significant. It appears that this priestly blessing may be a sign that God is preparing the Temple Mount as the soon-to-be site of the new temple. Since the rebuilding of the temple will occur in conjunction with the end-times treaty (cf. Daniel 9:27), this could be an indicator that end-times fulfillment may not be far away.

In the meantime, believers in Jesus Christ need to realize that in the midst of the chaos and apparent insanity, God is still in control, working in the hearts of leaders to produce His end-times alignment (cf. Proverbs 21:1). And as we see this alignment taking shape, we need to keep looking up!


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