End Times Alerts: Seeing God Use Today’s Events to Fulfill His Kingdom Plan

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Posted 1/9/11 at 6:33 PM | John Claeys

How the Growing Persecution of Christians in the Middle East Links to End-Times Prophecy

The shrinking Christian community in Iraq was hit with more bombings Thursday night. A majority of this dwindling group consists of Assyrians which are facing extinction in that Middle Eastern country.

Due to the intense persecution inside of its borders, Iraq has jumped nine spots on a list of countries with the worst persecution of Christians. Open Doors, a ministry that supports persecuted Christians, ranked Iraq No. 8, up from No. 17, in its 2011 World Watch List. The country suffered its worst year of Christian persecution since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, and, as the New York Times points out, "Christians are increasingly under siege in Egypt and Iraq." In fact, the persecution is so severe that the question being posed is whether Christianity can survive in the Middle East. In addition, look for this situation to worsen soon, as al-Qaeda is giving a major push to this, by even providing videos on how to construct a bomb and giving locations of churches to target. In fact, as reported by The Atlantic, the war on Christians in the Middle East is intensifying rapidly. At the present rate of flight from Iraq and deaths, there will be no Assyrians left in Iraq within a few short years! FULL POST

Posted 1/7/11 at 9:30 AM | John Claeys

Will the U.N. Soon Emerge as Director of the End-Times Treaty?

As the clock is ticking down toward end-times Bible prophecy, we are seeing a number of significant occurrences which seem to align with end-times fulfillment. In seeing God moving leaders, nations, and events, we need to ask, what is He doing in regard to the U.N.?

After all, there is a growing dynamic pushing for the U.N. to get involved in the Middle East peace process. The driving force toward the U.N.'s involvement has been initiated by the Palestinians who have petitioned for the U.N. to proclaim its statehood without Israeli negotiations. (This has been coupled with the preparation of a draft resolution by Palestinian representatives at the U.N. to declare Israeli settlements illegal.) Now there is a growing list of Latin American nations pushing the U.N. to recognize a Palestinian state, in which Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Ecuador, and Venezuela have done so in recent weeks.

But the U.N. is not being driven against its will; for the world administrator has desired this role for some time. (This is because it was created for such a role.) So might we be seeing God beginning to move the U.N. to the forefront in an emerging role that will eventually complete a treaty with Israel? And if so, what will that mean for end-times fulfillment? FULL POST

Posted 1/5/11 at 9:08 AM | John Claeys

Why the Church May Not Have Long

In Apocalypse 2012: The Ticking of the End Time Clock—What Does the Bible Say?, I tell the apocryphal story of an old farmer who, many years ago, brought his family to the big city for the first time. Upon arrival, they saw sights they had never seen before—skyscrapers, massive stores with beautiful display windows, and traffic everywhere.

The farmer dropped his wife off at the department store and took his son with him to the bank—the tallest of all the buildings. As they walked into the lobby, they saw something else they had never before seen. Two steel doors opened, revealing a small room. Into this tiny room, a large aged woman entered, and the doors closed behind her. The dial over the door swept to the right and then back to the left. The doors opened once more, and a beautiful young lady walked out.

The amazed farmer turned to his son and said, "You wait right here! I'm goin' to get your mother and run her through that thing!"

Of course, what appeared to be a physical transformation in this anecdote was only an apparent one. However, the Bible shows us that a real physical transformation is coming—for all Christians at the rapture of the Church, the future event in which Jesus will come from heaven into the air and suddenly take all Christians off the earth to be with Him. FULL POST

Posted 1/2/11 at 6:37 PM | John Claeys

Signs the U.S. May Bow Out of the Peace Process in 2011

Because the United States is absent from end-times Bible prophecy, something will need to occur to move the U.S. out of the prophetic picture. Though God could use a number of things, the only thing that really needs to occur is for the U.S. to move away from Israel, which has been occurring for the past two years. However, the more likely picture is that, along with moving from Israel, the U.S. will step out of its role of being the director of the regional treaty with the Jewish nation. Interestingly, we have already seen indications that this may happen in the very near future. Let's look at the evidence.

First, the White House has been debating its role in the Middle East peace effort after recently abandoning pressure on Israel to freeze building in Jerusalem. The administration now appears to be moving toward more of a regional approach in the Middle East in order to acquire "peace and security," which is more in line with the end-times treaty with Israel, involving a regional complement of five Arab and five European nations as co-signers to the treaty.

Second, the Obama administration's Middle East peace approach has resulted in the first cessation of direct Israeli-Palestinian talks in more than 15 years. In addition, after failing to accomplish anything but regression in two years of attempts, U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell stated recently that "the aim is for the U.S. administration to form an idea of what the two parties want with a view to drawing up a strategy". In other words, after two years of trying out his Middle East philosophy while in office, the administration does not know what the two parties—Israel and the Palestinians want?! FULL POST

Posted 12/30/10 at 11:19 PM | John Claeys

Could 2011 Be THE Year? Seven Signs of the End Times

A local priest and pastor stood by the side of the road holding up a sign that read: "The End is Near! Turn yourself around before it's too late!" "Leave us alone you religious nuts!" yelled the first driver as he sped by. From around the curve, they heard a big splash. "Do you think," asked one clergy of the other, "that we should just put up a sign that says 'bridge out' instead?"

Admittedly, there is a lot of careless communication regarding the end times; but, with that said, much of the world is receiving that communication much like the driver in the above anecdote. Yet, the kind of negative reaction that deems as "nuts" those who talk about the possibility of soon end-times fulfillment does not change the fact that it, indeed, could come soon.

In fact, there are seven signs indicating that end-times fulfillment may arrive much sooner than most believe. We will briefly state each of those and allow you to come to your own conclusion on the evidence.

The first is the world's focus on Israel. This is exactly what we would expect on the eve of end-times fulfillment, and that is what we see today. Tiny Israel, no bigger than the state of New Jersey, is commanding the attention of the world—for good or for ill. The Bible predicts that the world's focus on Israel will result in ten leaders of nations representing the world in order to guarantee terms of "peace and security" as co-signers of a treaty with Israel. When the world realizes the treaty will be confirmed, world leaders will proclaim "peace and security," as per 1 Thessalonians 5:3. FULL POST

Posted 12/28/10 at 5:23 PM | John Claeys

The REAL Reason Iran Is Pursuing Nukes—To Bring in the End Times

Recently, the U.N. nuclear chief "revealed" that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. This means the evidence is now so overwhelming that there is no question that Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is pursuing a nuclear bomb. This has produced a growing concern by Arab states, the European Union, the U.S., and even Russia and China, due to Iran's development of ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons.

Repeated offers by the U.S. (and others) to negotiate on this issue have failed to sway the Iranians. Moreover, well-informed sources have concluded that international sanctions have failed to slow Iran's race toward nuclear capability. Thus, it seems only a matter of time (and not much time at that) until Iran actually possesses nuclear weapons.

Though sanctions have squeezed Iran's economy to the point at which prices on basic goods have more than tripled in the past several months and have risked the overthrow of its regime by a growing opposition movement, Ahmadinejad seems resolute to stay the course on his pursuit of nuclear capability. But why is that? Seeing this as a power play does not adequately answer the question of why the Iranian president would risk his government, his nation, and his own head, in order to continue the breakneck race toward obtaining nukes, when, if he were a bit more patient, he could obtain nuclear weaponry—with the continued aid of North Korea—in a few more years. FULL POST

Posted 12/25/10 at 10:48 PM | John Claeys

Peace on Earth: The Palestinians, the U.S. Midterm Elections, & God’s End-Times Plan

According to The Gospel of Luke, chapter 2, in announcing the birth of the Savior, a multitude of angels proclaimed, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!" At Christmas time, when this verse becomes a focus in readings and in song, there is almost a magical hope of this coming true in the immediate future. However, even with the great longing of mankind for this to be experienced, clearly, the fulfillment of this proclamation has not yet arrived; but it will—at the arrival of the coming kingdom, following the return of Christ.

It is not that people haven't tried to bring peace on earth; they have—especially in recent years in the Middle East, which, according to most of the world, holds the key to peace on earth. For the past seventeen years, for example, the U.S. has put great time and effort into bringing a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians. However, end-times Bible prophecy shows that the Palestinians will not be partners of the end-times treaty, the treaty confirmed with Israel that will convince world leaders they have achieved "peace and security". Certainly, the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy is the main reason why the peace process will bypass the Palestinians, but there are other—more mundane—reasons, as well. FULL POST

Posted 12/23/10 at 9:13 PM | John Claeys

Iran as a Tool of God: How God Is Using Iran to Fulfill His Kingdom Plan

Iran is on track to produce weapons-grade uranium by the end of January to fuel a nuclear bomb! That the biggest terrorist nation in the world is about to go nuclear is an incredibly scary thought for many! Add to that the evidence that Iran is pursuing a nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile which has a range greater than 3,500 miles, and you have the recipe of fear for Arab and European nations alike.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stated that "we are terrified" about Iran going nuclear. As a result, recent WikiLeaks revelations showed that Israel and Arab states have conducted extensive, secret diplomacy regarding Iran over the past year, and intelligence sources reveal that these high-level talks will continue.

These talks have included plans for attacking Iran. After all, the WikiLeaks disclosures revealed that virtually every Arab country favors a military attack on Iran; for there will be no peace (or security) in the Middle East with a nuclear Iran. In addition, the high-level meetings between Israel and Arab states have encouraged Israel to go after Iran with an implied "reward" of "peace and security" in a regional treaty. (Arab states do not believe that the U.S., the only other possible candidate for launching an effective military strike against Iran, will launch an attack against Iran. Strong signals indicate the U.S. will not be the attacker, as the current administration is already preparing for the "inevitability" of a nuclear Iran.) FULL POST

Posted 12/22/10 at 9:37 AM | John Claeys

Why the Persecution of Iraqi Christians Should Make Us Stop in Our Tracks

After a contentious eight-month struggle to form a new government in Iraq, Iran became the big winner, and the U.S. the big loser, as Iran-backed Nouri al-Maliki will remain the prime minister and U.S.-backed Ayad Allawi is out. In addition, al-Malaki will be able to deal by granting the presidency to a Kurd, Jalal Talabani, in order to make his coalition stronger.

This is not only an indication that the U.S. influence in Iraq (as well as in the Middle East as a whole) is waning, it also signifies that the persecution of Christians in Iraq will continue. In fact, the assault on believers there will likely increase under this leadership.

As of now, Iraqi Christians are being so severely persecuted that they may soon be non-existent. Or as the U.K. Telegraph put it, "fears are mounting that Christianity in Iraq is doomed to follow Judaism into oblivion."

Tuesday's The Christian Post ran an article on the "religicide of Iraqi Christians," stating that Christians in Iraq once numbered 1.2 million, but today there are less than 350,000! This drop has occurred since 2003 when the U.S. removed Saddam Hussein from power, and at this rate, there will be no Christians left in Iraq in a few years. FULL POST

Posted 12/20/10 at 10:12 AM | John Claeys

The U.S. in Bible Prophecy: Its Changing Role in the Middle East Peace Effort

Last week, the White House abandoned its pressure on Israel for a settlement freeze. According to a former peace negotiator in the Clinton administration, the Obama administration "is bending to reality" as it finally realizes that another building moratorium would not move the Palestinians to actually negotiate (in fact, nothing will). As a result of abandoning this policy, which was central to Obama's peace effort, the White House is running out of cards to play.

This is one reason we may soon see the peace process head in the direction of the end-times treaty, as predicted in the Bible. Since the U.S. is absent from end-times Bible prophecy, it seems the Obama administration will either step away from Israel (which has been occurring for the past two years) and from the role of being an integral player in creating a treaty with Israel, or the role may be taken from this administration.

Another indicator that we may soon see the peace process move away from the U.S.-directed role toward the Biblical prediction of the end-times treaty was summed up by a secular commentator when he stated, "Obama's settlement freeze is a blow to the president". This is because the focus on the building moratorium in Jerusalem (which, historically, was never instrumental to the Israeli – Palestinian negotiations until Obama made it the integral feature), followed by the president's fold on it, may have harmed his image to such a degree that the international community will no longer trust the president with this important role. FULL POST

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