End Times Alerts: Seeing God Use Today’s Events to Fulfill His Kingdom Plan
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Showdown in the Middle East: Iran, Israel, & End-Times Prophecy

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Surely you have been hearing about what is going on right now in the Middle East, but have you considered the import of it all? God is shaking up the entire region—from Libya to Iran—to accomplish His kingdom plan. Based on how He has been aligning at least seven key factors (see my December 31 blog, entitled, "Could 2011 Be the Year? Seven Signs of the End Times"), it appears that this is all a part of His alignment with end-times prophecy. In fact, when the dust all settles on the Middle East shake-up, I predict we will see a Middle East that will be much more open toward serious negotiations with Israel on a regional treaty. That treaty will be the end-times treaty, as it will be the one that convinces Israel—and the world—that it will achieve "peace and security"—regionally and globally. Thus, this Middle East shake-up is part of God's plan to align the region with an end-times treaty with Israel and with a brief period in which world leaders will believe "peace and security" has, at long last, been achieved. (So, in the near future, when the media proclaim that we have entered a new world; we will know better. But we will also realize Christ's coming for us is very near.)

However, before "peace and security" can be believed, and before a regional treaty with Israel can be realized, something dramatic will need to occur with Iran. After all, Iranian leadership (particularly spiritual leader Ali Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) is on a focused quest to dominate the Middle East and eliminate the Jewish state. Why? To Khamenei and Ahmadinejad, these goals are simply two steps toward achieving the greater end, which is to introduce the Twelfth Imam (the Mahdi, the Muslim Messiah) to the world.

Both of these Iranian leaders believe they have direct communication with the Mahdi, and they fervently believe the Mahdi has directed them to be his forerunners, preparing his way. But before they can introduce the Mahdi—in addition to dominating the Middle East and destroying Israel—global chaos must arrive, as communicated by the Haddith (Islamic writings). When global chaos occurs, the Mahdi (according to the Haddith) will step onto the world stage and bring the entire world under submission to Islam, at which point, peace and harmony will be the global experience.

What is the best means for creating global chaos? Ah, yes, nuclear weaponry. In fact, that is an excellent tool for bringing the Middle East under submission to Iran, as well as for destroying Israel.

This is why the Iranian regime has been racing toward nuclear capability. And because the Iranian leadership is driven by religious fervency, no amount of offers to negotiate or pressure from international sanctions has slowed down the regime from its race toward nukes. So what is the answer? A military strike.

Since it does not appear that the current U.S. administration will take that path, Israel must. Within the past few months, the Quartet's (the U.S., the U.N., the E.U., and Russia) envoy to the Middle East, Tony Blair, stated, "Personally, I think Israel would not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons." Certainly, Israel would need to strike before Iran acquires nuclear capability, which could be by the end of this year. However, an attack may need to occur even sooner, as Iran is ratcheting up the tension in the Middle East, and particularly with Israel.

Late last week, Iran threatened to send its warships through the Suez Canal and up the Mediterranean coast alongside of Israel. After Israel threatened that it could not allow Iranian warships to enter the canal, it appeared that Iran backed down and turned the ships around. However, that was a ruse. A report broke today (Sunday) that Iran sent two warships through the Suez Canal, which are now in the Mediterranean Sea headed toward Syria. Fake delay tactics were used as cover, along with a major sandstorm in Egypt that hid the ships from spy satellite display.

The ships are reportedly carrying long-range missiles for Hizbullah, the terrorist group to the north of Israel, controlling Lebanon. Hizbullah is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and has tried to take down the Jewish state before. This terrorist army has already amassed more than 40,000 missiles and rockets; but, now, with long-range missiles, Hizbullah will be able to strike every city in Israel. And there is a possibility that when Hizbullah strikes again, they could be joined by Hamas (also supplied with missiles and rockets from Iran) and Syria, making it a three-pronged approach against the Jewish state, one that would be a nightmare scenario for Israeli citizen.

So can Israel afford to let those ships arrive at Syria, where they will be unloaded and taken across the border of Lebanon to be put into the hands of Hizbullah? Certainly, there must be talk, as I write this, among the Israeli leadership about the possibility of either attacking those ships or of going after the Iranian regime.

After all, the government of Iran is under attack—by its own people, who have turned out by the tens of thousands to risk their lives to take down that regime. This growing opposition movement, which seems to have moved into the military and into government ranks, is a real threat to Ahmadinejad and is likely the reason he decided to send the warships on their way. He may be seeking to distract the movement by demonstrating he is their hero, the one who can thumb his nose at the U.S. and Israel and see them back down. But will Israel back down? Not likely.

So if Israel were to attack Iran, the opposition movement would likely take advantage of the resulting chaos (two can play the chaos game) and take down that regime. If that occurs, the Middle East would change in a huge way, and that change would likely affect the upheaval occurring at this time. That regime change would adversely affect all terrorist entities in the Middle East and would likely embolden those fighting for democracy. In addition, it would most likely result in a Middle East that is much more open to seriously negotiating a treaty with Israel and, to the world at large, would look much more like it was beginning to achieve "peace and security".

Will it happen that way? We will have to wait and see, but it would certainly line up with end-times Biblical prophecy if it did.

Keep looking up!


[For a clear, but detailed presentation of what the Bible says will occur between now and the return of Christ, see John's book, Apocalypse 2012: The Ticking of the End Time Clock—What Does the Bible Say?]

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