End Times Alerts: Seeing God Use Today’s Events to Fulfill His Kingdom Plan
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Syria’s Role in God’s End-Times Plan

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As I mentioned last time, the regime of Syria is facing its most serious threat yet, as anti-government protests escalate—even after a deadly crackdown. In fact, Syria has seen an unprecedented display of public dissent with thousands of protestors marching in its cities. In fact, as a Reuters article reports, the "fear barrier" has crumbled in Syria, meaning that the barrier of fear which had blocked dissent has now come down. Thus, look for escalation to continue, putting serious pressure on the al-Assad regime.

Though the U.S. has gotten involved militarily in Libya, under the guise of protecting the lives of civilians, the White House has ruled out intervening in Syria with the hope that Assad will be "our" man, even though the Assad regime has slaughtered hundreds, if not thousands, of civilian protestors. So why has U.S. leadership made this decision for Syria? It is the belief of this administration that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will be a reformer, an agent of change, for good. In addition, the White House holds out hope that Assad will contribute to a Middle East peace agreement.

However, as the New York Times reports, administration officials concede that Assad has failed to deliver on promises of reform. In addition, while the White House made concerted efforts to reach out to Assad, he deepened his ties with Iran (in fact, Syria is now "an Iranian acquisition", according to Israeli Foreign Ministry officials) and Hizbullah, undermined the government of U.S. ally Saad Hariri of Lebanon, and pursued a nuclear weapons program. However, as presented by one Middle East expert, Assad could not have pursued real reform if he had wanted to, because that would have meant taking on the corruption of his immediate family.

So what is the real explanation as to why the White House refuses to intervene in Syria when it has done so in Libya? The evidence indicates that no logical explanation exists—unless we see it as simply part of God's plan to align for end-times fulfillment. The regime of Syria will come down, but not by the U.S.; instead, it will come down via an Israeli attack upon Iran, which will then kick the slats out from underneath the Syrian regime. When that occurs, the U.S. will be on the wrong side of things when the new Middle East emerges, and Israel will be seen as the hero.

So how will God use that for end-times fulfillment? It will be one more step toward removal of the U.S. from the prophetic picture, and it will be used as a magnet, attracting five Arab leaders to do business with Israel on a regional treaty—which will be the prophetic, seven-year treaty described by the book of Daniel.

In addition, it is important to realize that Syria is an extension of Iran, since the Syrian regime is propped up by Iranian President Ahmadinejad. By understanding that, we can see that God is allowing opposition to grow against Iran and its satellites, including Hamas in Gaza and Hizbullah in Lebanon. It also means that when the Iranian regime comes down (and it is only a matter of time until that occurs), the entire region will be changed. It will reflect much more of a pro-democratic area friendlier to Israel. But more important to end-times Bible prophecy, that change will provide a region that is much more conducive toward making a treaty of "peace and security" with Israel.

So watch for the change to occur. It could take place sooner than we think.

As an addendum, historically, Syria was part of the realm of the king of the North in Daniel chapter 11. However, there will also be a future king of the North—who will arise from Iraq (another part of the historical kings of the North) during the first half of the future seven-year tribulation period (the final seven years prior to the return of Christ to the earth)—and who, based on Daniel 11, will very quickly conquer Syria before conquering the rest of the Middle East. This means that the current shake-up in Syria could be preparing for this future king to step in. We'll see.

Keep looking up!


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