End Times Alerts: Seeing God Use Today’s Events to Fulfill His Kingdom Plan
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The Movement of God to Rebuild the Jewish Temple

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  1. Just this week, the mayor of Jerusalem announced that the city would never be divided. In giving this pronouncement, was he making a threat against those who would seek to partition the city into Jewish Jerusalem and Palestinian Jerusalem, or was he speaking as a prophet? There is a sense both may be true. In the role of the latter, he provided God's truth for the future; for his proclamation falls right in line with end-times Bible prophecy.

According to the Bible, ALL of Jerusalem, including disputed East Jerusalem, will be in the hands of Israel when the end-times treaty is signed—a seven-year treaty which will give Israel "permission" to rebuild the temple on the Temple Mount. (For much more on the treaty, including the co-signers of the treaty, see Apocalypse 2012: The Ticking of the End Time Clock—What Does the Bible Say?) Since the Temple Mount is in East Jerusalem, we can see that this area will NOT be granted to the Palestinians, no matter how much they may want it for the capital of their future Palestinian state.

But how close might we be to this end-times treaty? There are indicators that we may not be far off. Let's view some of those indicators by observing how God may be at work today to prepare for that treaty.

We begin with the White House pressure on Israel to cease building in Jerusalem in an attempt to lure Palestinian leadership to the negotiating table. The Obama administration's arm-twisting of Israel for a building moratorium in their capital city created an intense focus on Jerusalem. Though the White House recently backed off of their stance on this issue, still, hundreds of pro-Israel activists gathered on January 5 to support building in East Jerusalem.

It seems God may have used the White House's pressure to keep Jews from building in their own capital city to create a strong movement in support of ALL of Jerusalem remaining an Israeli city, a movement which continues to build. As a result, Jewish leaders who were once tempted by the U.S. pressure have been given new resolve to keep Jerusalem undivided.

Thus, God used the Obama administration pressure for a very different result than what was intended by the White House; He has used it to cause Israel to cling to East Jerusalem for the rebuilding of the temple. Isn't it amazing the way God works!

God may also be using another factor to prepare Israel for the rebuilding of the temple. Interestingly, Hareidi (ultra orthodox) religious rabbis have been visiting the Temple Mount in unprecedented numbers. Of course, the hariedi rabbis' interest in the Temple Mount is all about rebuilding the temple. Thus, this appears to be one more indication of a groundswell of interest in the rebuilding of the temple.

But there is even more indication that God is moving to prepare for the rebuilding of the Jewish temple. An Israeli group known as the Temple Institute has prepared the temple items needed for sacrifice and worship, along with the priestly vestments, we see the evidence mounting. The report is that the Temple Institute has everything ready for the rebuilding of the Temple.

Another Jewish group in Israel, known as the Temple Mount Faithful, has already hand-hewn the cornerstone for the temple (a massive stone that, according to the law of Moses, could not be cut with a machine). Moreover, yet another Israeli group, Our Land of Israel party, recently launched a serious campaign to rebuild the Temple.

This all means that in many respects, Israeli Jews have prepared for the rebuilding of the temple. However, since Bible prophecy shows that Israeli leadership will ask for "permission" to rebuild the temple as part of the end-times treaty, Israel will need the political will at that time to make this demand. It appears this political will may already be there as part of the significant alignment by God to make the Jewish temple a reality.

For example, in May of last year, the New York Times observed that Israeli leadership now consists of a "right-religious . . . coalition that reflects lasting rightward shifts in its society". Translated, this means that Israel is no longer a secular state. Its leadership is definitely religious and conservative, meaning that it wants to rebuild the Temple. In fact, the orthodox and ultra-orthodox (meaning, very conservative religiously) backing are very important for Prime Minister Netanyahu's government; and those two groups definitely look forward to the rebuilding of the Temple.

In addition, a recent report shows that the ruling party of Israel, the Likud, has not only grown, but has moved rightward. This numerical growth and conservative movement have occurred quickly—within the last year! The movement toward the right means that the Likud party more strongly embraces issues which include the rebuilding of the temple. Thus, the recent growth and movement of the Likud party may be part of God's preparation to rebuild the end-times Jewish temple.

A recent survey of Jews in Israel found that 64 percent of them want the temple to be rebuilt, which is a staggering figure, since it seems that not long ago, Israel was primarily a secular state. The tide is changing, preparing for the rebuilding of the temple—possibly sooner than we may think!

God even seems to be dealing with the Arab sensitivity of rebuilding the temple on the Temple Mount, as a highly influential Muslim scholar and best-selling author (with 67,000,000 copies of his books in circulation!) named Adnan Oktar is working with the reestablished Jewish Sanhedrin to try to accomplish this very thing! According to Oktar, the temple of Solomon "will be rebuilt and all believers will worship there in tranquility." (See citations on this from the epilogue of Apocalypse 2012: The Ticking of the End Time Clock.)

The stage is being set before our very eyes. In fact, wouldn't it be interesting if Netanyahu—whose name means "gift of God"—is the leader of Israel when the rebuilding of the Temple begins? It could be.

Keep looking up!


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