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Thank A Cop

Tue, Jul. 19, 2016 Posted: 02:22 PM

In light of yesterday’s events in Dallas, I just wanted to thank you for your willingness to be a policeman and protect me and my family.

I said those words, with tears actually beginning to well up in my eyes, as my wife, daughter and I walked toward the Minor League baseball stadium in Bridgeport, CT to watch the Bridgeport Bluefish play the Sugar Land, TX “Skeeters” (yes, their official logo is a tough, angry looking mosquito!).

The officer looked at me . . . somewhat surprised . . . and said with a grateful smile,

Thank you. I really appreciate it!

I said something similar to another police officer at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Fairfield on Sunday afternoon after the murders of three policemen in Baton Rouge. He, too, was surprised and encouraged.

I really appreciate you saying that,” he said. “We don’t often get encouragement like that.

Police officers don’t always do things that people like. Just ask yourself what your first thought is when you see a police car in your rearview mirror.

Sometimes, they give out traffic tickets. Sometimes, they put people under arrest. Sometimes, they have to shoot bad guys to protect good guys. But their primary job is to help and protect people like you and me . . . and families like yours and mine.

It’s easy to take them for granted. But right now, in light of recent events, it’s especially important to recognize why they’re really there. It’s to help and protect us, not to hurt us.

So, the next time you see a cop say, “Thank you.”   It’s not hard. And it may be something very special . . . and very needed . . . in that officer’s life.

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