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Rethinking Hell.  I was blown away when I saw the name of this conference.

I was even more impressed when I learned that it’s the second time scholars and other knowledgeable people with strong beliefs will be getting together to discuss their views . . . and listen to those of others who disagree but hold equally strong beliefs. And I was honored to be asked to participate.

The second Rethinking Hell Conference will be held June 18-20 at the prestigious Fuller Theological Seminary, with all three historic views of what happens after we die being represented . . . those who believe Scripture teaches endless punishment . . . those who believe Scripture teaches the wicked will be annihilated . . . and those who believe Scripture teaches the ultimate restoration of all.

Speakers include a Professor of Systematic Theology at Fuller Seminary; a Senior Research Fellow in Rabbinics and the New Testament; an Editor from Wipf & Stock Publishers; a Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Taylor University; and a Professor of Philosophy and Scholar-in-Residence at Houston Baptist University.

Each of the three views represented at the conference was held by leaders in the early Christian Church. And each is held to this day by sincere Christians who believe strongly that their view is the one taught by Scripture. I’m expecting to see some lively discussions!

Disagreeing, yes . . . but disagreeing without getting mad at each other. That, in itself, is pretty amazing!

I’ll be speaking at one of the breakout sessions, and to help set the tone for my presentation . . . put together a 2 ½ minite video that captures the essence of why I’m convinced this is such an important issue.

Click here to watch it.

Rethinking Hell.  An important conference . . . about an important issue.

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