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Posted 9/5/17 at 4:47 PM | Prakash Sundaram

Forgiving Others: Why You Should Give It a Try

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 “I can’t forgive him, he hurt me too much” “My dad was never there for me, that’s why I’m in this mess, I’ll never forgive him for neglecting his responsibilities” “My mum is never understanding, I hate her for taking my child hood away” these are the many clichés people who are hurt go about with. If you search deep down in your heart, there are tons of reason why you should never forgive people who hurt you.

But let’s face it, as you go through life and interact with others, there is no doubt that once in a while, you will be hurt by someone and in most cases people closest to you. So, how do you deal with such offense without holding on to the venom of hatred that was engendered by the behavior that caused the hurt? I am glad to show you the best way possible – forgive.

One of life most potent forces though unattractive is forgiveness; it is one of the best things you can do for your psychology and spirituality. It is a decision to fill yourself with love and extending that same love to the person that offended you. Amazingly, if you’re an intuitive reader, there are many self-help books that will teach you how to forgive people who have hurt you at one point or the other in your life.
But before you grab that book, are you still in doubts as to the power of forgiveness? The following reasons are why you should give forgiveness a chance: FULL POST

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Don’t we all just love Christmas, a season where everything seems to come alive? I bet we do. The lights, the music, carols and yes gifts absolutely make Christmas such a glamorous event. Trust me; gifts have become such a welcome tradition during Christmas for eons. In fact, you can’t imagine a Christmas without sharing gifts. Little wonder why almost every family have a stockpile of gifts all wrapped in beautiful and enchanting gift boxes, ready to be shared with their loved ones during the yuletide season. But have you ever stopped to imagine why gifts are a must during Christmas? Or why Santa has to give out little gift boxes to children during Christmas? Well, if you’re as curious as we’re then this article will put all your curiosity to rest. So, without any further ado, below are some intriguing reasons why gifts have become an enchanting Christmas tradition. FULL POST

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Although people die every day, we still need to keep our faith in God because, without our faith, we have nothing to keep us going every day. Imagine if no one believed in God and everyone was for themselves in this world. The world would be an awful place to live in every day if that was the case. Luckily it isn’t.

God is there
Just because you can’t see God, that doesn’t mean he isn’t really there. There are many things we can’t see that are really there. Can you see the air in the sky? No, but it is there because if it wasn’t, how would we breathe? This is why those who don’t believe in God, shouldn’t throw it in others faces because like mentioned above, just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t real. FULL POST

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Yes, why you want to admire them when you yourself can become so successful in life. Before even thinking to follow someone you need to have focus and determination on your aim. Yes without it no one can become successful. Your optimisation and hard work will define your success. You need to change your behaviour as well as your thinking but believe me it will pay off definitely. If you really want to know that what successful people follow in their daily lives, then here are some keys.

1. You need to do things you want instead of waiting to get them- you must have seen that successful people and lazy people don’t merge; they won’t ever feel comfortable with them. Because lazy people wait for the things to happen rather than successful people who fulfil their dreams without waiting and wasting their time. They don’t want to lose their potential. Instead of waiting and thinking what will be next they try to overcome the challenges and face them. They discover the ways to cross the hurdles, instead of waiting for the hurdles to go away. They never show excuses and throw them out of their window. They try to avoid the excuses. FULL POST