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Yes, why you want to admire them when you yourself can become so successful in life. Before even thinking to follow someone you need to have focus and determination on your aim. Yes without it no one can become successful. Your optimisation and hard work will define your success. You need to change your behaviour as well as your thinking but believe me it will pay off definitely. If you really want to know that what successful people follow in their daily lives, then here are some keys.

1. You need to do things you want instead of waiting to get them- you must have seen that successful people and lazy people don’t merge; they won’t ever feel comfortable with them. Because lazy people wait for the things to happen rather than successful people who fulfil their dreams without waiting and wasting their time. They don’t want to lose their potential. Instead of waiting and thinking what will be next they try to overcome the challenges and face them. They discover the ways to cross the hurdles, instead of waiting for the hurdles to go away. They never show excuses and throw them out of their window. They try to avoid the excuses.

2. You need to focus on the way not on the destination-the journey is focused to the lessons of life which are valuable and paved with triumph and inevitable failure and with this failure you can learn only when you have the right attitude. The successful people stop at places to smell the roses which cross them and enjoy their journey to achieve the success even when keeping the track of time positive. Rather lazy people who never focuses on roses but their focus is directly on gold at the end of rainbow. But the successful people concentrate and focus on the whole of rainbow itself this make the difference between the lazy and successful people and this makes the journey of successful people successful.

3. You need to challenge the status - everyone likes Bill Gates and Elon Musk and wants to be successful like them but the reason they both are successful is not business, it is innovation. Everyday there are lots of starts up which are so challenging with their norms. There is lot of sudden increase in the business; it brings the modern healthcare to home now days. It has success in delivering anything within a couple of days. Business has led to so needful increasable instinct that there have been developments of the robots which works like humans in their day to day task. More than lakhs of business are set up every year as start ups but that does not mean that each of them achieves success the ones with the dedication and the hard work. It is the job of one to start apart from the others and build their own success.

4. Keep on learning what ever and however you face- success also comes to the end when the person says they have finished learning. It is never always that you know everything it is always somewhere someone who will know more than you. The ones who are really serious about their success will never say at the end so that they know everything. They will always enjoy the constant pursuit of the knowledge. And always it matters is what you learn when you know many things either its knowledge or the discipline.

5. You need to focus on what is possible- what is impossible cannot be done and that is true but what is possible and how you do it and achieve t that matters. You just moan and groan that will never let you to some success, successful people do not dwell on to the challenges. They always know their limits that what they can achieve and they focus on that ting they know where to stop and where the sky is showing them the limit. But that does not mean they finished with the limits they try to find out what else can be done within the limits. Knowing how you can do it is the better question to achieve the formulating success.

6. Surround yourself with the good people- surrounding yourself with the smart and accomplished people will help you in being start and generating good ideas rather than being with the lazy bees and generating false ideas and bad negative vibes around yourself. It is so simple whatever you want to be you need to be with those kinds of people be it being funny or intelligent. Those with whom you spend time with will shape your mind set and behaviours as well. It is the company that will make you good or bad, successful or the looser. Successful people surround themselves with the positive vibes as well as with the intelligent people . This network of surrounding will build their building of success and will increase the support from the good people.

7. You should always try to follow up and never to give up- the most impressive scenario is when you reach they success after crossing lots of hurdles and the hardest paths. This is what impressive success is. The fall in the successful people is always temporary because they always know to set back and to follow the successful path because they knows the ways to come out. When they achieve failure sometimes this the most wanted thing because by this only they will learn the ways to come out. And when they work in teams then they know the efforts are legitimate and in dynamic way.

NOW it is your turn! Yes you need to stand up for yourself and achieve the success. Without knowing what is negative you will never know what is positive. You don’t need to make an idol and follow what they do in their daily live, it is just you need to pick up the qualities and then follow those qualities which led them to success. Success is waiting for you, go ahead!

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