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Although people die every day, we still need to keep our faith in God because, without our faith, we have nothing to keep us going every day. Imagine if no one believed in God and everyone was for themselves in this world. The world would be an awful place to live in every day if that was the case. Luckily it isn’t.

God is there
Just because you can’t see God, that doesn’t mean he isn’t really there. There are many things we can’t see that are really there. Can you see the air in the sky? No, but it is there because if it wasn’t, how would we breathe? This is why those who don’t believe in God, shouldn’t throw it in others faces because like mentioned above, just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

God will always be there
God will always be there for you and everyone else. He let his own son die for our sins, although his son, Jesus Christ, did come back from the dead three days later. Do you believe there is a heaven? Many people do and many people don’t. I would like to believe there is so I do. I believe that those who have died before me are looking down on me from heaven and keeping me safe.

Jesus did die for our Sins
The people were very mean to Jesus and called him a fraud because of the things he could do. They didn’t want to believe he could do things that were impossible for the rest of us. However, he could do them and he did do them to prove he could. Like walking on water, he was able to do that to show he could. He wanted to show he could do these things to prove he would be there to heal everyone who was sick.

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