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A Commitment to Orphans

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Recently Family Christian, the nation’s largest Christian retail chain with 280 stores in 36 states, pledged to contribute 100% of its profits to Christian causes—specifically, ministries serving widows and orphans (both in the U.S. and abroad). The pledge was made in tandem with the announcement that Family Christian’s management team had partnered with a group of Christian businessmen to acquire the company.

Prior to making its pledge, the company already was contributing 10% of its profits to faith-based causes, including Bethany Christian Services. With the decision to donate 100% of its profits, Family Christian is demonstrating its commitment to supporting women and children in crisis. For that commitment, I applaud them.

We, at Bethany Christian Services, are overwhelmed by Family Christian’s pledge. We’ve had the good fortune of working closely with the retailer throughout the years and, as a result, have witnessed firsthand its dedication to Christian causes. We know that the money the company donates enhances the lives of children and families.

As I have discussed in this space before, tremendous progress has been made over the past decade in orphan care, including a drastic decrease in the number of children in foster care across the United States and the implementation of sustainable child welfare systems in developing countries around the world. Much of that progress is due to organizations such as Family Christian. However, with more than 153 million orphans across the globe, there’s plenty of work to be done.

Ultimately, it is through the generosity of companies like Family Christian that Bethany is able to secure critical resources for families in crisis. Whether it is job training for widows in Haiti, education support for children in Ethiopia, or medical supplies for families in Guatemala, money donated by Family Christian and other caring organizations are crucial in our mission to introduce and maintain initiatives that will have a long-lasting impact on keeping children with their biological families or in securing placement with loving families.

In the company’s announcement regarding the pledge, Cliff Bartow, president and CEO of Family Christian, stated, “It is the hope of all involved that this transition can be a model of Christian business and ministry excellence that can be replicated by other organizations that wish to use their business resources to maximize Kingdom impact.” While we cannot expect more companies to commit all of their profits to aiding faith-based organizations, we can hope that more will take inspiration from Mr. Bartow’s powerful message and Family Christian’s wonderful pledge.

To read Family Christian’s entire announcement, visit the press release section on the company’s website—www.FamilyChristian.com.

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