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12/15/12 at 09:06 AM 1 Comments

A Prayer for Newtown, Connecticut

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Dear Heavenly Father,

Please give your love to every family who has been crushed by this awful evil. May we as a nation and world pour love into these families with acts of kindness that will overflow into every neighborhood in this world. Father you hate evil. Please protect us from all the hate and violence in this world. Please cause us to unite as a nation to bring healing to all injustice and to demonstrate love to every one of our neighbors. Please help us initiate a memorial of love to these victims which will honor them by our continued acts of compassion, love and justice to all people. Help us to put the needs of others first, and remove our egocentric wants and desires. I ask that you pour out your spirit of truth on all of us and empower us with your love, the same love you gave us on Christmas.


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