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Adoption Tax Credit Set to End: A Call to Action

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With the federal adoption tax credit set to expire at the end of the year, I urge you to contact your local representative and senators in support of two bills—HR 4373 and S 3616— that will essentially extend the tax credit. For information on how to contact your representative, visit the website www.usa.gov/contact/elected.

As I wrote in late October, the federal government established a tax credit in 1997 to make adoption more affordable for couples who want to provide children with loving, permanent homes. We believe that an increase in the number of children adopted internationally has been one direct result of the introduction of the adoption tax credit. But progress for the adoption tax credit bill has stalled because of the congressional debate over the “fiscal cliff”—even though the government has a vested interest in renewing the tax credit. If children move into an adoptive home, the government-paid foster care costs for these children are reduced. (See Christianity Today article “Families May Lose Adoption Tax Break amid Fiscal Cliff Fears”.)

We remain extremely concerned. Without the tax credit, many families who wish to adopt will not be able to afford adoption, leaving thousands of vulnerable children without a permanent family, without the love and nurture they so desperately need. There isn’t much time to act. The adoption tax credit as we know it will cease to exist January 1, 2013. Let your voice be heard and contact your representative and senators today.

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