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Child Trafficking: What Can We Do?

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Last fall, CTN’s Bridges invited me to an onset studio interview in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

My interview with host Monica Schmelter was on the topic of child trafficking. Over 246 million children are exploited through child labor worldwide, many of them doing extremely dangerous jobs that can leave them with permanent physical damage or cost them their life. Often these kids leave their homes, hoping for a better life and good-paying job to help support their families. In Ghana, for example, many end up working in the fishing industry and other dangerous, hard labor jobs for long hours, with little food or sleep.

With child trafficking becoming today’s most prevalent issue in social justice, I invite you to watch my live interview with Monica.

Christian Television Network’s (CTN) Bridges is hosted by Monica Schmelter and airs in over 45 million homes nationwide on DirecTV and DISH Network and in several local markets as well. Monica is passionate about sharing the Word of God in a way that encourages every woman to fulfill God’s unique plan for their life. She acknowledges God in every part of life, recognizing Him in the mundane and miraculous moments.

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