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5/7/13 at 04:32 PM 2 Comments

Could the Church Really End Abortion?

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As much as I support efforts by activists and politicians to try and change abortion laws, I’ve always felt that real, lasting change will take place when Christians “fight” abortion with the love and grace of Christ. That’s not always easy, and it doesn’t mean we abandon the political process, so I was encouraged when I read an article in Christianity Today titled “Hold Baby Showers, Not Political Debates.” The author of that article, Angie Weszely, believes that God is so much bigger than any political platform and that Christians need to represent God’s heart when it comes to both the woman with an unplanned pregnancy and the baby she is carrying.

After reading the article, I was eager to talk with Angie, who leads Caris, a faith-based pregnancy counseling agency. She echoes much of my own thinking about how we as Christians can influence women who think abortion is their only choice. As you will hear, Angie brings such a positive spirit and love for God into the pro-life arena. Her passion for the local church as the means to transform the abortion landscape is infectious—she really believes it can happen, and I do too!

As you listen to our conversation, ask yourself, “What could my church do to make abortion not necessarily illegal but so completely illogical and unappealing that no woman would ever choose it?”

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