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Faith & Doubt

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I have been asked by many people, “How do you do your job day in and day out?” They are asking how I deal with the tragedy of all the abandoned children I see—children without parents, or those who are physically abused or exploited. Others wonder about the challenges of a Christian agency working with secular governments and an ever-increasing hostile environment toward Christians. Some are asking about Bethany’s charge to raise millions of dollars each year to meet the needs of children and its operational budget.

While all these challenges are real and can cause doubt and fear—the answer to them is to have faith in God. For me there is no other choice than to be faithful to God and His Word. The Old Testament authors were very practical in their writing. They defined faith as faithfulness. For them, faith was action—you knew you had faith when you obeyed God and followed through on His commands. Hebrews 11 demonstrates this, commenting on Abraham’s faithfulness. By faith, he left family and friends and moved to an unknown place. Later, by faith, he was willing to sacrifice his only son.

This is how I live my life—both my personal journey and my work life. I must be obedient to God’s calling . . . immediately. I must trust Him and reflect that through my actions.

Do I, at times, get feelings of doubt or fear? Yes, I do. The Bible mentions the word “fear” 130 times in phrases like “do not fear”and “fear not.” God knows our frame, our weakness and says, “Do not fear. I am here.”

Fear and doubt come from uncertainty, change, loss, and real danger. Our response is genuine faith in God. So rather than being paralyzed by fear or doubt and quitting, God calls us to trust Him and keep moving forward. I start my day in prayer and keep praying throughout the day.

This does not mean life and its events are easy. There are soul-wrenching hurts and struggles. At Bethany, we have couples hurting from infertility and the loss of miscarriage. We have birthparents experiencing grief and loss from placing their child for adoption. We have children with no parents—praying for a family. God calls us to faithfulness, to take action and help those who are suffering. So, when I experience fear or doubt, I ask God for His help because I know that He is faithful.

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