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God Worked it Out

Wed, Nov. 11, 2015 Posted: 02:29 PM

The following blog was written by Stacy, an adoptive mother, in celebration of National Adoption Month.

It all happened so fast.

For 22 years, it was just the two of us. Then, in a matter of 48 hours, my husband, Steve, and I were parenting David, a 6-year-old boy we had met only twice. But we knew with all certainty God had chosen him to be our son.

We had just started all of the paperwork to adopt an older child when the call came from our pastor. He had been contacted by a family at our church whose hearts were moved to find parents for David. His grandmother had been caring for him since he was 2 years old. She was tired, overwhelmed, and could no longer meet his needs. Asked if he could think of a couple who might want to adopt an older boy, amazingly—without even knowing we were heading in that direction— our pastor thought of us. God was working it out.

We’ll never forget the day we met David. We were expecting to look at photos of children and read their stories, but instead we stepped out of our car and into the life of a beautiful, playful boy—a boy who wanted more than anything to be loved by a mom and dad. After our first meeting, we engaged our Bethany adoption specialists to let them know what was transpiring by God’s grace. They urged us to meet with his grandmother to truly understand if this was what she wanted.

In some ways meeting with David’s grandmother felt like taking a pregnancy test. I remember the flood of emotions. We so wanted to give life to a child. Was God truly working it out? Would we finally get a “positive”?

Her first language is Russian, so we shared our story with her through translators—the family from our church who introduced us to David. We wanted to clearly communicate our intentions, and as we shared our desire to become David’s parents, his grandmother stopped us.

“You don’t need to say any more,” she said in her best English. “If you want him, you can have him.”

I smiled, but inside I was in disbelief. Did she really say what I thought she said? Was I missing something? Could it really be that simple?

After all, we had prayed 13 years for this moment. Thirteen years from the time we learned of our infertility until this jaw-dropping moment. Thirteen years of praying and believing by faith that God was doing something, even though we couldn’t see it. Could I trust that God was really working it out?

We talked about a visitation plan to make sure that raising David would work for him and for us—the same process Bethany would have taken us through in an older child adoption. In the end, God knew it would work, and His plan prevailed. David slept over at our house just one night and something incredible happened—he didn’t want to leave! But with nothing agreed upon, we had to return David to his grandmother, and David cried relentlessly. It broke our hearts.

Later that evening, we received another call that changed our life as we knew it. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, “just the two of us” became three. David’s grandmother allowed him to come to live with us while we pursued custody and ultimately adoption. On April 4, 2014, we became a forever family.

Shortly after we adopted David, Steve and I attended an adoption conference hosted by Bethany. Of all of the things we learned, one statement from an adoptive mom still sticks with me: “Don’t be burdened by what God has already worked out for you.” I have tears in my eyes as I recall those words. God was truly “working it out” for us long before our hearts were open to adoption.

• God brought a grandmother from St. Petersburg, Russia, to live in our hometown.
• He created life—the life of our precious son.
• When David needed his family, He made a way for David to return to his grandmother, and also to find his way into the hearts of a Ukrainian family attending our church.
• He lead me out of the workplace, so I could prepare by faith for what was coming, even as I wasn’t sure exactly what that was.
• He brought an exchange student from Chile to live with us for six weeks; and He showed us we could love someone, even someone we didn’t know from another country.
• He showed us that we could deeply love and care for a child we didn’t conceive.

And God is working things out for David, too.

“Love didn’t make us a family,” he said recently, referring to a saying he’d seen on one of our decorative pillows. “Jesus did.”

What joy to hear in his own words that his heart believes God worked it out for him to have the parents he longed for. In a simple, childlike way David communicated the beauty of the Gospel—God worked out our salvation through his son, Jesus, and welcomes us into His family forever when we are “born again” by faith.

Adoption is every bit a miraculous second birth. Though we didn’t give birth to David, in a very beautiful way we feel like we’ve given new life to the boy he has become, and he has given us a new life, too.

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