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Recent reports indicate that nearly 750,000 teens become pregnant each year. Although that number has declined, there is a great need to educate women with unexpected pregnancies on their pregnancy options. Today, women have the choice of an open adoption, where they choose the adoptive parents for their child. An open adoption can mean exchanging photos, letters and e-mails or it could mean the birthmother may visit on occasion. We’ve seen wonderful relationships develop with birthparents and adoptive parents.  

In 2009, Bethany had two birthparents featured on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant: Catelynn and Tyler. They continue to be on television as one of the couples on “Teen Mom,” the spin-off of “16 & Pregnant.” I give credit to MTV for including Catelynn on Teen Mom. The show recognizes Catelynn and Tyler as parents and shows their life after they placed their child for adoption. Both shows have conveyed the importance of a pregnancy counselor and demonstrated how she helped Catelynn and Tyler deal with the grief and loss of placing her child.

During a recent visit with the daughter of one of Bethany’s founders, she shared with me that it was her mother’s wish (years ago) that an adoption would be featured on a television show. Now, so many years later, it has! The reality shows on MTV have been widely successful, and as a result, instrumental in educating a national audience about adoption. Catelynn and Tyler have genuinely shared their experiences from the stages of grief to the joy and pride knowing they made the right decision for their daughter. They feel called to educate teens about their options, especially adoption.

Last year, Bethany placed 642 infants into loving homes, because women, like Catelynn, explored their options with the help of a pregnancy counselor. I ask for your prayers that we are able to touch the lives of even more young women in 2012 as we strive to give every child a loving family.

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