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Podcast: Dan Bremnes, Christian Musician

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Dan Bremnes began writing music at 16 with ambitions to become a rock star. But a mission trip with Youth With a Mission changed the course of his life, and Dan began to see how God could use music—and perhaps also Dan’s talent to write music—to be a light in the dark and to draw others to Himself. Today, Dan is a recording artist in Nashville. He has performed with Steven Curtis Chapman, Chris Tomlin, Tenth Avenue North, and others.

Like all of us, Dan has experienced life’s beauty and its sorrows, including a season of life when he experienced both the sudden loss of his mother and the birth of his son. His song “In His Hands” explores the way God longs to walk with us and hold us in His arms “through the heartache and in the joy.”

“I pray that the music I write brings people closer to God,” he said, “and that perhaps my song can become their song that can bring them through their own season.”

Brian DeVos, Bethany’s senior vice president of child and family services, spoke with Dan Bremnes about his music and ministry. Listen here.

Learn more about Dan at www.danbremnes.com.

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