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Podcast: Margot Starbuck

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Margot Starbuck contributes to the adoption conversation with a variety of perspectives. She is an adoptee, an adoptive mother, an author, and an advocate for people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

She accompanied her son, who was adopted from India, on a homeland visit to help him understand more about his beginnings. The experience was as positive for Margot as it was for her son when she was able to connect with his experience as an adoptee wondering about birthparents and identity.

"As a child, all I knew about my birthparents is what I found in two or three paragraphs of paperwork,” Margot said. “Not all adoptive parents will have access to birthparent information, but it’s important to be as open as possible with kids. Talking about adoption and feelings about adoption and birthfamilies signals to children that it’s not shameful.”

Today, Margot volunteers in a variety of capacities with Reality Ministries in Durham, North Carolina. The organization “creates opportunities for teens and adults, with and without developmental disabilities, to experience belonging, kinship and the life-changing reality of Christ’s love.” She has met many families who have adopted children with special needs and seen the vast difference a forever family makes in the child’s life. “They thrive in ways the family never would have imagined,” she said.

Bill Blacquiere, Bethany's President and CEO, spoke with Margot about her adoption story, the work she is doing with Reality Ministries, and the workshop she presented at the 2015 CAFO Summit about establishing relationships with birthparents. Listen here.

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