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Podcast: Traci Heim

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Traci Heim was on her way to Russia to support a friend who was adopting a child from an orphanage. Friends and colleagues had teased her saying, “You’re sooo going to adopt somebody.”

She thought, I’m not adopting anybody. My life is perfect.

That, she says, is when God began to laugh saying, “Oh, you don’t even know what is about to happen.”

Today Traci is an adoptive mother of 10 and a passionate advocate for children who are HIV positive. Her story changed when she read these words on the airplane: “We lose out on the great life God has planned for us when we hold on so tightly to the good life we have” (Lysa Terkhurst, “What Happens When Women Walk in Faith”).

“I didn’t get to Russia and fall in love with anybody,” Traci said. “I fell in love with everybody.”

Traci spoke with Ruth Olsson, Bethany Christian Services' strategic partnerships consultant, about her adoption story and her work with Project Hopeful—an organization that works with historically overlooked children, including those with HIV. Listen here.

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