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Post Adoption Help for the Adoptee: First Steps

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Today’s guest post is by Laura-Valentine, singer/song-writer artist and adoption advocate. She shares candidly and deeply about her ongoing journey as an adult adoptee.

I am adopted.

My parents never hid that fact from me, but it didn’t register for a long time. When it did, I slowly began to address another fact: my birthmother had given me up. Dealing with the lost connection to my birthfamily in China has been a struggle ever since. I started to understand words like “abandonment”. And as I grew, I asked many questions like, Why did my birthparents give me up? Was I not worth it? Did they think they could not love me? I would think about what my life would be like if I had remained a part of my birthfamily. Would I have siblings? A sister?

As I thought…and processed…and felt, I could not share my feelings with my parents. How could I share my thoughts when they had given me so much? It seemed to me that doing so would offend and hurt them. So I bottled it all up. Inside that bottle was a lot of rejection. And that filled bottle eventually became a wall, isolating me from my parents.

I was only 3 months old when I was adopted, but still, as I grew up, I felt separate. That’s why when I share my story now as an artist doing a show, I incorporate information about Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) in my messaging. RAD can occur because of trauma, tragedy, or separation and I want people to be aware of that. But though I shared my adoption story in a public manner as a singer/song-writer artist, I had not been able to truly talk about it. And the counseling I’ve had did not help me; when the counselors probed into deeper issues, I pushed them away and stopped the sessions. I didn’t think they understood what adoption was all about anyway.

Here is what I want to tell you. I am now taking steps toward post-adoption help. Through establishing a relationship with Bethany Christian Services, I have learned about the Post-Adoption Contact Center. And though it is still hard for me to imagine truly sharing my adoption feelings with someone, I know I need to talk through what I’ve, so far, kept protected. I need to share with a counselor on the other end of the PACC 800# who knows the ins and outs of adoption and post-adoption issues, as well as all the feelings that come with them. I think I will find a connection and support I need there.

Why? Because I know they understand.

For more information about Bethany’s Post Adoption Contact Center visit bethany.org/PACC.

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