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What Do You Like?

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A friend of mine, Brad Formsma, has created a unique and inspiring “campaign” (a vehicle, really). It’s called I Like Giving and exists solely to inspire generous living. This website provides a place for people to share their passion for giving, to serve one another through the art of generosity—not as it relates to money necessarily but as it relates to giving away what we have to give! Each of us doing our part, in whatever way we can. Here is what Brad has to say about it:

I started a campaign called I Like Giving, which exists to inspire generous living. We are not asking for money—just action. The truth found in the stories we tell is that, “We don’t have to give, we get to give.”

The campaign started with an idea I had several years ago as I was reading the local Sunday paper over Memorial Day. A story titled “Bikes Stolen from a Refugee Family” jumped right off the page. I couldn’t shake the need to help and the feeling that our family should be a part of this story. So we loaded up our van with our kids and some newly purchased bikes and went on a wild goose chase trying to track down this refugee family. When we finally arrived at their door with the bikes, the man, who could barely speak English, just kept repeating, “I like bike, I like bike!”

When I shared this story with others, the phrase “I like” seemed to stick, and others began responding with their own stories of generosity, which they likewise called “I like ___” and then said whatever it was they gave.

The story of the bike was the second film made for the I Like Giving campaign. Gradually, the campaign moved into full swing, and now we have our eighth film, "I Like Adoption," which we are very excited to share with you. It’s about a family who wanted to give out of their pockets and hearts in a lasting way, and it gives profound meaning to the word family.

Again, we don't ask for your money, just your action! What do you like? What could you give? This campaign dives into the heart of these questions, and it’s for people of all ages. Visit our site at www.ILikeGiving.com today, watch a film, and take action!

Check out “I Like Adoption”—making its debut today!!

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