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2/8/15 at 10:26 PM 8 Comments

The Church & The Government - Helping You Together

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What happens when a Baptist church and government officials climb over the wall that separates church and state? You might expect a fight, but First Baptist Church of Simpsonville, South Carolina is not your normal church. And as it turns out, folks in the Statehouse aren’t the bad guys.

It all started when children’s minister, Dr. Rhonda Littleton, felt God calling the church to do something in the community.

“We spent a year praying, asking God to show us what he wanted us to do,” she said.

The result is a ministry they call “A Home for Me,” that focuses on foster care, adoption, and family reunification—partnering with the state’s Department of Social Services. Is it really possible for a church to work with the government without compromising their beliefs? Dr. Littleton believes it’s not only possible, but something that more churches should be doing. In our recent conversation, she explains how and why.

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