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"The Night When My Life was Forever Changed"

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Today, I am pleased to share with you a special post from Christina Vinson, adopted as an infant along with her twin sister, Nicole, from South Korea.

Sometimes I think about the cold, snow-covered night when my life was forever changed.

On December 14, 1985, my twin sister, Nicole, and I flew from Seoul, South Korea, to Detroit, Michigan, straight into the arms and hearts of our adoptive parents. Our plane descended through blankets of clouds and snow, and we were greeted by elated cheers and tear-brimmed eyes. That night, a family was started; love began blooming. I can see that love in photographs from that first night; joy etched all over my grandpa’s face when my parents held us for the first time in the airport. I can hear it in my mom’s voice on the video recording that night; when she said there they are! her voice tight with emotion as her daughters were carried off the plane and into her life.

And so it began, the grafting in of two tiny Asian babies into a Dutch family tree. We were, as my dad says, good news from a far country (Proverbs 25:25), the physical form of prayers being answered by a generous and loving God.

Adoption completely changed the course of my life, bringing my sister and me from an orphanage in South Korea into the warm home of two loving, loyal parents. It was a gift, really—the chance at new life, new possibilities. It was an act of love that met the needs of my biological parents, adoptive parents, sister, and me in a profoundly beautiful and redemptive way.

The Lord creates beauty out of ashes, though it sometimes takes time for the ashes to settle and the beauty to emerge. He took infertility, orphans, desperate need, and tearful questions, and turned it all into a family comprised of dark-eyed, olive-skinned children with blue-eyed, blond-haired parents. Four years later, our adopted brother arrived at the Detroit Airport, bringing more cheering and tears and joy, more good news from a far country, another gift, another cherished family member.

I am blessed to have parents I call Mom and Dad, who would do anything for me, because that’s what their hearts tell them to do. They are, without a doubt, my parents, regardless of race and blood. I am so thankful for my biological mother in Korea who gave Nicole and me life and also gave us each other. The gift of life and the gift of a twin sister are two of my most precious treasures on this side of heaven.

There are still 153 million orphans worldwide who cry out for families, for love, for a place to call home. I am deeply grateful for the gift of adoption I received so many years ago. I celebrate with humble gratitude the good news from a far country that my parents heard 27 years ago.


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