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They Need You ... NOW!

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By Kimberly Offutt, Bethany Christian Services N.O.W. liaison and adoptive mother. The No One Without (N.O.W.) campaign is an effort to spread awareness about the needs of youth in foster care and move us to action on their behalf.

Children are waiting.

“I’ve been waiting for two years for a family.”

“I’ve been in foster care for five years.”

“We waited for a family to adopt us together for two years. I finally told my worker to split us up; my little brothers have a better chance at being adopted without me.”

Children are wondering.

“Will I ever find my forever family?”

“What’s wrong with me?”

“What’s going to happen to me when I turn 18?”

Children are losing hope.

“Time is running out for me.”

There are thousands of children across the nation like Carlos who are feeling the pressure of time. They are getting older. Experience has shown them that the older they get—their chances of being adopted decreases. For these kids, turning 18 is not a celebratory life event. For them, turning 18 means that they have “aged out” of foster care . . . without a family.

No child deserves to face the world alone. No child should be without the comfort and security of a family to call their own. These kids need families to move into action and take the next step to become adoptive parents. Honestly, they just don’t have time to wait for your biological kids to get a little older first. They need you now.

I am pleased to be a part of an organization like Bethany Christian Services that strives to “demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting and enhancing the lives of children and families through quality social services.” What better way to show Christ’s love than to care for the orphan?

“Religion that God accepts as pure and without fault is this: caring for orphans or widows who need help…” James 1:27 NCV

Bethany Christian Services’ No One Without (N.O.W.) campaign is a call to action on behalf of all of the youth across the nation that are lingering in foster care. These youth are featured on state adoption exchanges and often wait three years or more for an adoptive family. Bethany’s goal is to match waiting children with available families—across state lines.

I wish I could say a family stepped forward for Carlos.

Unfortunately, this precious boy aged out of foster care. Every year 26,000 children like Carlos are at risk of doing the same.

You can be the answer to a waiting child’s prayers.

If you’d like to know more about the N.O.W. campaign or would like to take the next step to become an adoptive family, please visit our website or contact us at 1.800.BETHANY.

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