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To Loose Chains of Injustice and Set the Oppressed Free

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When I look at my grandchildren—playing, laughing, carefree—I can’t help but think about the children of Ghana, many of them the very same age as my grandchildren, caught in the vicious grip of child slavery. I’ve looked into the eyes of those who have been taken and victimized, and I know their joy when they are found and freed.

Ghana, the very birthplace of slave trade to America, England, and South America, now has thousands of children involved in modern day slavery. In fact, there are more slaves in the world today than ever before in human history.

In Ghana, children as young as 4 and 5 years old are made to work long hours on fishing boats or in dangerous mines. On a trip to Ghana I met with the national police special unit on child trafficking. They are a passionate group of men and women who are facing the horrifying injustice of trafficking head on.

At the headquarters of the Ghanaian national police special unit, I was struck by a poster of a sad looking child. The caption stated, “I’m not a burden; I’m just a child.” These words brought to mind the words of Isaiah 58:6 where we are instructed, “to loose the chains of injustice and set the oppressed free.” I am deeply moved by this Scriptural mandate, especially as it relates to the plight of the innocent in Ghana.

We have a responsibility to the suffering children in our world. We must stand up and step into the gap on behalf of these young victims. Today, will you join me in this liberation work? The global scope and scale of child slavery can seem overwhelming. What can one person do to help, you may be thinking. Can I even make a difference?

The answer is YES! Awareness and action can change the life of these children!

First, stand up against pornography and prostitution. These exploitive industries are fed by trafficking.

Second, if you are considering adoption, open your heart and home to an older girl who, upon leaving an orphanage, has no option for survival but to engage in crime and prostitution, making her vulnerable to trafficking.

Third, encourage your church to get involved in the advocacy Bethany is accomplishing through other churches nationwide. Have your pastor or church staff member contact us at 877.454.3784 for more information on mobilizing your entire congregation to fight child slavery in Ghana and around the world.

And, finally, link arms with Bethany Christian Services as we engage in the atrocities against God’s children in Ghana. For as little as $7.99 a month—that’s just two Starbucks coffees a month—you can change a child’s life. You can help restore a child’s sense of acceptance and value. Your gift assists Bethany’s ongoing recruitment and training of Ghanaian Christian families to be safe houses for child slaves who have been rescued.

In Ghana, I watched a poignant celebration as a group of 25 women and girls prayed and thanked God for their rescue. Bethany staff members were taking them to safe houses, but before they went they raised their voices to God. I am grateful for our work in Ghana and have seen, firsthand, what can be done when we decide to put an end to injustice.

For more information on our anti-slavery work in Ghana and other countries, please visit www.safenotsold.org. Every time you look at the precious children in your own life, think of those in harms way in Ghana. I pray that God would move our hearts to action on behalf of these exploited children.

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