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Trusting God's Hand

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When Jennifer gets ready for work, she never knows what the day will bring. As an administrative assistant at her local Bethany office, she greets guests, supports the staff, and does her part to advance Bethany’s mission: demonstrating the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting and enhancing the lives of children and families.

Seven years ago, Bethany was nowhere on her radar. Although she’d made a profession of faith at 11, she acknowledges that she walked away from God in her teen years. What began as “freedom” to do whatever she pleased turned into a grueling nine-year drug addiction that dominated every aspect of her life.

“I could not see past one day,” she said. “I assumed I would just keep using until I died. I had even pictured that.”

What happened next quite simply saved her life. At 24, Jennifer learned she was pregnant. Read Jennifer's full story here.

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