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Virtue & Love for Every Family

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Two films are being released on Valentine’s Day—Old Fashioned and Fifty Shades of Grey. In Old Fashioned, we witness love that is transformational, while Fifty Shades of Grey promotes transactional relationships without love.

Today’s culture and media promote a lifestyle that we find difficult to relate to. The world is broken, and we as Christians are not immune. We too experience divorce, premarital relations, broken homes, rejection, and a lot of hurt in our lives. We ask ourselves how we and our children can live in the world but not become “of the world”. How do we raise our children to uphold Biblical principles that honor ourselves and God? We need hope and healing. The kind portrayed in Old Fashioned.

Family is the first most common, simple, and successful institution that most benefits a child’s welfare. Keeping families together and bringing families together is the core of Bethany’s work – for the benefit of every child. At Bethany, we seek to serve with love that transforms, heals, and provides hope to families.

Listen here to Bethany's Every Child podcast featuring Bethany president and CEO, Bill Blacquiere, who is joined by Old Fashioned's Rik Swartzwelder and Gord Toering. Read more about Old Fashioned here.

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