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Xu Bing’s Story – Part 1

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“How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to improve the world.” —Anne Frank

Anne Frank’s quote sums up the efforts of Xu Bing, a young woman in China who saw a need and responded.

Xu Bing developed a passion for children with special needs when she volunteered to help a couple who had taken in five disabled orphans.

“I began looking for more opportunities to help families who had children with disabilities because I saw firsthand how difficult it was for them both financially and emotionally,” Xu Bing shared.

Seeing how these parents struggled, often isolating themselves because of the shame they felt over the plight of their children, Xu Bing launched GIFT, a club for parents of children with disabilities.

“I would see these parents wear sunglasses so that their neighbors couldn’t see that they had been crying, and I just felt so badly for them. In the parents’ club they see that they are not alone, and they receive tremendous support and encouragement from each other.”

As she volunteered with various governmental and nonprofit organizations that focused on the needs of children with disabilities, she met Dennis Feaster, Bethany’s international projects coordinator, who at the time was in China as a scholar working on his doctoral dissertation.

“I saw the remarkable job Xu Bing was doing as a volunteer,” Dennis recalls. “I was so impressed with the work she was doing to assist families of children with disabilities, and doing it strictly as a volunteer.”

It soon became clear that Bethany needed to establish an office in Henan—the largest populated province in China with approximately 100 million people. Xu Bing readily accepted Bethany’s invitation to begin working for them, quitting a secure position with the local university.

“I believe God gave me the love for these children and the families who are willing to care for them,” Xu Bing says.

But her story doesn’t end here. In my next post I will share how God has used this soft-spoken young woman to be the voice for children who cannot speak for themselves.

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