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Healing Process With Faith

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On August 2, 2012. My youngest daughter was a victim of a violent crime to the head. Not leaving her side in the ICU or rehabilitation center, I began to feel helpless. I wish I could change places with her - I would in a heart beat. Seeing her struggle through this time with constant head pain, right side of her body that is affected, fatigue, comprehension and learning difficulties and not ever feeling the same again - before the incident, my heart broke and is still aching for her completely healing.

The most fearful words she said, because the pain was so excurciating was, "Mommy, I just was to die". Words that no mother or parent wants to hear. Presistently being with her, her Dad helped in every other way; a blessing greatly appreciated.

We have had our challenges and heartaches. Along with me being her escape goat - punching bag. I am trying to understand how she is feeling; however, I will never be able to fully understand what she is going through. This has changed her life and way of vewing things. God saved her and has great plans for her. She will conquer and prosper.

Abundant blessing have and will be bestowed upon her. Her dertermination has proven major accomplishments. Her neurosurgeon said it will take a year or more to fully recover and allow her brain to remap and heal. Unfortuately pain will be inevitable, but she tolerates it the best she can without pain medication, but has multiple medications to help with pain and prevent any seizure.

I am very proud of her and love her more than words can express. May God protect her and watch over her every day.

Angelika DeFrancesco

PA Pocono Mountains

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