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Providing a Solution

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In 1982, my father opened the Liberty Godparent Home to be a residence for young unwed mothers who wanted to preserve the life of their unborn child. We have helped untold numbers of girls, offering them free lodging, health care, education and friendship during their stay. Through this ministry and our Family Life Services adoption agency, we have been able to connect many Christian couples with precious little babies. This is a very special ministry and we have seen several of our Godparent Home children go on to lives of influence in our culture.

On December 8, we will celebrate 30 years of the Liberty Godparent Home ministry with a gathering at our facility here in Lynchburg. The Liberty Godparent Home will be open to our friends from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. (ET), as we commemorate Dad’s vision for this ministry and the many lives that have been saved because of it. If you live near Lynchburg, please come and meet our staff and hear how lives have been impacted as a result of this great ministry. Our facility is located adjacent to the campus of Liberty University.

For directions, please call: 434-845-3466. Also, you may want to visit our website ( to learn more about our efforts, or to donate to the Home.

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