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5/14/12 at 09:06 AM 1 Comments

Same-Sex Marriage Again a Front-Burner Issue

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Now that President Obama has come out in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage, saying his opinion on the issue has “evolved,” the conservative Christian community must continue to respectfully stand for traditional marriage in our nation. I say that we must be respectful for two reasons: (1) because Jesus, our example, was never unkind when addressing people and (2) there are many people in our nation who passionately disagree with us on this issue. We must stand unequivocally on God’s Word and be dependent on God’s wisdom at all times when we are involved with this type of divisive issue. We must speak the truth, but speak it in love.

Marriage was established by God as being between a man and a woman and, as such, is the foundational pattern for the family. History and studies have shown that the best way for kids to be raised is by a mother and father. The church must be at work to strengthen the traditional family in our nation. We need to empower fathers and mothers to raise their children, together, so that they become followers of Christ and examples of the faith in their own families and within the culture. Our society wants to change established truths, so we must be forever on guard to follow God’s truth, even when we are reviled for championing to age-old principles.

Remember that God loves homosexuals just as much as He loves Baptists. Let us, as His followers, commit to being bold yet gracious representatives for Him in all we say and do.

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