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Posted 3/17/17 at 5:52 AM | norah Arbon

Shopping Addiction Affects Financial Status And Leads To Debt

There are different kinds of addiction, some are known and felt, but there are some that you cannot feel. Shopping is one such kind of addiction which you do not know or recognize. When you feel a ‘high’ on spending, useful or unnecessarily, you are said to be a shopping addict. Just like any other addiction, you would go to any extent just to fulfill that urge or desire to you. You can borrow money from friends or any lender or use credit card extensively. Such addiction would weaken your financial health, and you would fall into the debt trap.

Changes Your Behavior

There are a lot of people that suffer from shopping addiction unknowingly. This addiction may also change your behavior, and you may even resort to criminal means just to support your addiction. It is a disease, also known as compulsive buying disorder or compulsive shopping, which affects millions of people worldwide. It is a mental disorder which excites the nerve cells of the brain to give you the pleasure when you spend money. You feel satisfied and proud to have spent some money, however unnecessary it may be. FULL POST