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Posted 10/31/14 at 8:20 AM | Karen Farris

Fear of Life’s Horrors

Nadine loves horror flicks and just so she doesn’t have to wait for Halloween, she bought her favorites to watch when she’s in the mood—Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, or how about this one: House of 1000 Corpses.

To me, being scared senseless isn’t fun, but Nadine shrugs it all off and smiles afterwards. She jokes that if she can face these fears she can face anything.

We were chatting recently and I asked if ISIS scared her. She shrugged. I suppose she’s seen worse on the big screen.

I asked her what she thought about North Korea’s new miniaturized nuclear warhead, enabling their crazy dictator to make good on his threat to turn Seoul and Washington into “seas of fire”. Nadine shrugged again.

Okay. How about terrorist lone wolf attacks here in America? Ebola? Nadine snorted in response. I could tell she wasn’t fazed.

I wondered how she managed to shelve her fears? Today’s news isn’t Hollywood horror; it’s real. Christians in Iraq and Syria know this. So do the kidnapped girls in Nigeria. Torture and torment in so many places. Pure evil. Hell on earth. Nadine nodded sympathetically. She hates evil and its awful abuse. FULL POST

Posted 10/29/14 at 8:07 AM | Karen Farris

I Stand Sunday

screen shot from I Stand Sunday website

I Stand Sunday is an opportunity for Christians nationwide to stand with the pastors and churches in Houston—who faced intimidation from Houston’s Mayor as she demanded they give her their sermons and private communication. These governmental strong-arm tactics could be a harbinger of similar intrusions ahead for us all.

The Family Research Council is sponsoring a nation-wide event on Sunday, November 2, 2014. Many esteemed Christian pastors and notable speakers are gathering at Grace Community Church, in Houston, Texas and will share their insights on how to maintain the rights and privileges provided constitutionally. Christians concerned about the freedom to live out their faith should gather with their church fellowships and watch this 90-minute live webcast (7pm ET 6PM CT 5 PM MT 4 PM PT). It will also be rebroadcast at additional times. These critical issues will be discussed.

Click here for more information. FULL POST

Posted 10/27/14 at 8:53 AM | Karen Farris

Evil Control not Gun Control

Another community has been devastated by one gun in the hands of someone who used temporary anguish to create permanent loss. No one knows what led a young teen boy to methodically shoot his cousins and friends in front of his peers at his school. He used a gun that was not his.

Within hours, the first blog appeared by proponents of Washington State’s gun control initiative (I-594). They were using this horrible scene as one more grievous example of what will continue to happen unless we regulate the use of guns. How incredibly audacious of them to begin the immediate clamor for passage of a law that even Washington’s law enforcement community is against. If the law passes, police won’t be able to enforce it, nor do they believe it will reduce criminal behavior.

But this isn’t really a gun problem; it’s an evil problem. How can we expect a good outcome when our kids are continually fed an evil diet? Today’s kids grow up with violence packaged as entertainment. It anesthetizes them to the brutality and the reality of evil. FULL POST

Posted 10/24/14 at 8:07 AM | Karen Farris

School Hunger and the Cafeteria Controversy

My friend’s email subject line caught my attention: You Won’t Believe What Happened Now. Janice has two school age kids and like many families she juggles her work schedule to get everyone out the door on time each morning. It isn’t easy. But it’s gotten a whole lot harder since —wait for it— the school lunch revolution.

She used to go online, put money in her kid’s lunch account and not think twice about it. They never complained. Well, sometimes they didn’t like the food, but it wasn’t often. Until this school year.

Now her son (who weighs more than Janice) is parceled out a paltry 500 calories for his high school noon meal. By the time mid-afternoon football practice rolls around he’s hungry and doesn’t have access to food until he gets home. By then he’s a hungry teenager (read: cranky and incorrigible).

Her elementary-aged daughter gets a slightly smaller ration and here’s the kicker—kids can’t share their food. Under the watchful eyes of the lunchroom monitor, no one can offer anything to anyone. Ever. FULL POST

Posted 10/22/14 at 9:58 PM | Karen Farris

Ebola Rumors Circulating

A new social media rumor titled “CDC Whistleblower Exposes Ebola Vaccinations Containing RFID Chips” needs to be stopped. Purportedly, a new Ebola vaccine will also include an RFID chip (an implantable radiofrequency transponder) and Americans will be required to receive the vaccine to prevent an Ebola pandemic.

Sad to say, social media can be a breeding ground for conspiracy theories and false reports. Snopes has clarified the matter, but people sometimes only read the stark headlines. Indeed, the respectably named “National Report” continues to issue blatantly false articles. In a time of information overload, it’s even more important to filter out truth from fiction.

Some Christians are concerned about end-times prophetic signs, specifically the mark of the beast from Revelation 13:16-18. While the RFID chips could one day be used as a way to prevent anyone from buying or selling, there are more pressing matters to concern ourselves with right now—mainly sharing God’s truth and salvation through Christ Jesus. Please don’t click “share” unless you know it’s true.

Posted 10/21/14 at 7:55 AM | Karen Farris

Viagra: Good for the Heart

In research recently published in BMC Medicine, Viagra, the drug commonly prescribed for erectile dysfunction, is showing its effectiveness in the treatment of heart disease.

Viagra’s key ingredient, Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor also prevents the relaxation of the heart’s smooth muscle tissue and can offer heart protection with few side effects.

In studies over the past ten years, involving 1622 patients from mixed populations, scientists were able to study the effects of the Viagra inhibitor on the heart.

The lead author of the study, Andrea Isidori indicated that Viagra could be used, “as an effective, safe treatment for several patients with heart disease.” She also stressed that with these “encouraging findings” large clinical trials are urgently needed.

Viagra could eventually be prescribed to men who suffer from heart muscle thickening and early-stage heart failure. However, more study is needed to verify what the sex-specific long-term responses might be. Viagra may make its way out of the bedroom and help fight heart disease—which continues to be a lethal battle for many men.

Posted 10/17/14 at 8:25 AM | Karen Farris

Hope for Hard Times

Hard times happen. It’s what we become through our hard times that matters most.

It was a long drive from our dusty farm to Grandma’s lakeside cabin. Each mile brought memories of my idyllic childhood, but the peaceful thoughts quickly evaporated remembering our eminent financial demise.

My husband and I were nearly broke. Taking this trip had been cost-foolish, but it was too late to save what we were losing. Now I was grasping for anything leftover to believe in.

Grandma had always been pragmatic and ambitious. She’d worked full time while putting herself through nursing school. Having two small daughters to care for in the midst Great Depression, she and her husband knew about sacrifice. She believed in God and marriage—and holding onto both when life got hard. Who better to bring my financial lament?

I sat in the kitchen with Grandma. My expression told the story, but as I explained how bad things were, Grandma went to work. FULL POST

Posted 10/16/14 at 8:16 AM | Karen Farris

The Crash of the Stock Market Wave

One way or another we all have skin in the game on Wall Street.

Banks, small and large businesses, private and public retirement accounts—they’re using stocks for the gains, but when the losses come, we all suffer.

Read the financial news and it looks like it’s time to circle the wagons around your 401K. We’re in for a refresher course on how to ride the wave of a stock market crash. While no one knows when the huge sell-off could happen, more experts are preparing their exit strategy.

MSN Screen Shot

Red flags are flying and here are some of the technical signs:

We’re seeing rallies and self-offs with more regularity. But with the Russell 2000 already in a 10% correction, the S & P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average shouldn’t be too far behind. FULL POST

Posted 10/15/14 at 8:30 AM | Karen Farris

The Ebola Emergency

BBC News

Perhaps you’ve seen the scary predictions about the potential of a worldwide Ebola pandemic. Consider this: it’s estimated that 10,000 people have now contracted Ebola.

And each Ebola victim could infect another 1.8 people. In three more weeks the crisis could escalate to 28,000 victims and every three weeks it could exponentially grow.

Some have taken those calculations to the ultimate extreme with the world’s population of nearly 7 billion people potentially being infected by January 2016.

The Center for Disease Control and the National Institute of Health, the Department of Homeland Security, and many others are huddling together to put together Ebola prevention and treatment protocols. They are clearly concerned, but is it enough?

According to a recent poll nearly 70% of Americans favor a travel ban from the “hot zone” of the Ebola infected nations. One can only imagine what would happen in our nation with a serious outbreak. Quarantines would be established much like they’ve had to do in West Africa. The difference is that our fragile economy would be solidly rocked. And no one wants to think about Ebola being deliberately spread by terrorists. FULL POST

Posted 10/10/14 at 8:08 AM | Karen Farris

Born to be Sexy?

Several hundred people were riding the Seattle ferry back home after an afternoon of football.

Tired fans were watching the fading sun as it cast purple shadows across Mt. Rainier. It really was a beautiful evening on the water. I was riding solo, so I enjoyed watching others enjoy themselves. Then I noticed another solo passenger.

She was probably in her mid teens. Even though it had been a nice autumn day, it wasn’t hot, yet she was wearing the shortest cut-offs. They covered more than a swimsuit, but barely. And let’s just say her crop top matched her shorts. She was taking laps around the ferry deck, staring straight ahead—seemingly oblivious to the stares she was getting.

Oh sure, on a beach her outfit would blend right in. But not on an evening ferry. This isn’t a judgment call, but perhaps it is—on all of us. Because we are either wearing it, staring at it, judging it, or saying it doesn’t really matter. Is the skin show a game? If so, who wins? I don’t think women do. FULL POST

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