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Posted 11/29/15 at 8:15 PM | Karen Kramer

Full of Thanks: The 12 Blogs of Christmas #1

What would this special season be without some heartwarming stories of love, faith, and family? While these tales don’t qualify for holiday Hallmark movies, they were experiences that helped folks discover the best gifts aren’t found under the tree they come from a heart of love. Friday Tidings will be sharing twelve “heart-touching” stories.

Lilly stood on a kitchen stool washing forks and spoons in sudsy water. Next in line were the plates that she’d already scraped off, and then the worst—dirty cooking pans. It was her nightly chore since Mommy needed to study. The doorbell rang and Mommy didn’t seem to hear it, so Lilly ran to open the door. No one was there, but a box was left in front of the door.

Mommy came up next to her and they both looked upon the box containing a Thanksgiving dinner—a small turkey, cans of fruit, green beans, gravy, a package of rolls, stuffing mix, a pumpkin pie, even a box of candy. Lilly squealed with delight. She loved the turkey meals that the school fixed the day before the holiday. FULL POST

Posted 11/23/15 at 8:36 AM | Karen Kramer

End Times Checklist

It began like this: “You religious people are the problem. It’s all about your god and things being done YOUR way.” Not exactly a friendly blog commenter.

“ISIS is doing this because of all you sign-waving christ-loving idiots.”

I considered replying that thus far ISIS has killed more Muslims than Christians—which is why there are millions of refugees literally running for their lives. We’ve seen the grisly videos portray ISIS murdering Christians and anyone else not strictly adhering to their creed. ISIS has no love of diversity (read: gay rights, women’s rights or religious freedom).

But the angry commenter continued: “People shouldn’t be allowed to dictate their religion to others.”

Easier said than done in the Middle East right now. ISIS has conquered a land mass about the size of Great Britain. Their goal is the world. But before ISIS began its brutalities others had the same supremacist ideals. FULL POST

Posted 11/17/15 at 11:11 AM | Karen Kramer

Naughty or Nice List

American Family Association

For American shoppers the Christmas season is top of the list for gift giving. But Christians can also use discretion with their holiday dollars. Why not support the stores that encourage Christmas and are not ashamed to promote the real reason we celebrate.

The American Family Association has an annual list of retailers—both naughty and nice so you can direct your dollars appropriately. Here’s the 2015 list. The AFA reviewes the stores as to their “Christmas-friendly” approach with their advertising, decorations, and employee protocol.

So, as we head into the biggest shopping season and you make your gift list, be sure to check the AFA list!

Posted 11/12/15 at 5:57 PM | Karen Kramer

The Power of No

Rejection hurts no matter how softly it’s delivered. It took just one line in the brief letter to tell me they weren’t interested in my project. Rejected again. That’s the life of a grant-writer. You spend hours carefully crafting words about an exciting endeavor with provable results. All that’s needed is money. And then you wait to hear if a corporation or foundation will buy in.

I’ve heard no more times than I’ve heard yes. But quitting was never an option with needs stacked as high as they are in our small rural community. If I’ve learned anything from a decade of grant writing is the power of no.

Every no has a lesson to learn. The no becomes the catalyst to look beyond the rejection letter, go back and rework the words to express the need more convincingly. And it works. Eventually. Good projects are always funded….eventually.

So there you have my word for the week—eventually. The power of no is that eventually it will be a yes. FULL POST

Posted 11/9/15 at 5:43 PM | Karen Kramer

My Promise to Veterans

I’ll never forget that Veterans Day event. I was a clueless, young teen in the midst of an older, uber-liberal college crowd.

At the front of the auditorium the lights reflected off the shiny buttons on an old man’s well-decorated military uniform. He didn’t bother with the podium. Instead he was in front of it, standing tall despite his age and the crutches clipped to his arms. His challenging gaze scanned the crowd.

What followed was his gruesome war story, filled with unimaginable details. It had cost him a leg, but that was easy compared to the scars he carried in his mind. I had read things like this before. But now someone who had suffered it was standing in front of me. I looked to see how the others were reacting. They seemed unmoved.

The old man sensed it too. While his vivid recall gave me shivers, the crowd facing him didn’t seem to care. It didn’t matter that his battle wounds helped our nation.

It started in the back. One voice shouting out an anti-war curse. Emboldened, others added their voices to the chorus. I looked around and saw bitter smirks and heard obnoxious jeers. It became louder, more mean-spirited. The old veteran turned to the side as if wishing someone... anyone, would silence the crowd. No one did. FULL POST

Posted 11/5/15 at 4:21 PM | Karen Kramer

Carly’s Face and America’s Obsession with Beauty

photo from Carly Fiorina for President 2016

First it was Donald Trump demeaning Carly Fiorina’s facial features. Then last week it was the ladies on The View. The hosts, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Michelle Collins, Paula Faris, and Raven-Symone compared Carly’s face to a Halloween mask and joked about her “demented” smile.


It’s one thing to discuss the points Carly articulates so well, it’s another to mock her appearance.

Carly has taken the abuse and criticism with her trademark eloquence. Yet, every time she comes to the microphone others may recall senseless remarks about her appearance rather than what she has to say. This is a critical election and the debates, the campaign speeches, and the interviews are all we have to evaluate who can lead our nation.

screen shot from ABC's The View

Beauty won’t help the national efforts to deal with our debt crisis, ISIS, foreign policy, immigration, or any other vital issue. But we’ve been conditioned by Hollywood to evaluate by appearances. FULL POST

Posted 10/29/15 at 4:42 PM | Karen Kramer

Dear Selfie Girl

You’re young enough to be my granddaughter, which makes me old enough for you to consider me an old lady. But I care more about you than hundreds of your Facebook “friends”.

Your countless selfies have plenty of sex appeal, and I noticed the hotter the picture the more likes you get. Even though we’re “friends” I haven’t liked many of your pictures, but not for the reasons you think.

Yes, you’re young, beautiful and fifty likes may make you feel good. But I’d rather “like” the person you really are.

Has anyone ever thanked you for helping some of the other kids with their schoolwork? That’s generous of you.

Or have any of your friends noticed how well you write?

Did anyone else notice how you helped the shy little boy at your bus stop? FULL POST

Posted 10/28/15 at 1:23 PM | Karen Kramer

Christian Coach Out But Satanic Prayers Offered

By now most of the nation has heard about how Bremerton, Washington high school football coach Joe Kennedy would lead post-game prayers with any team member who wanted to.

Even though it had been a long term practice, it somehow came to the attention of the anti Christian lobby that registered official complaints.

The issue went straight to Washington State Superintendent Randy Dorn—who declared that “School staff exercising their right to silently pray in private on their own is fine, but leading a prayer might put a student in an awkward position, even if the prayer is voluntary. For students who don’t share the official’s faith, prayers the official’s public expression of faith can seem exclusionary or even distressing.

American Family Association

Coach Kennedy continues to pray and will stand by his decision to offer voluntary post game prayer. FULL POST

Posted 10/22/15 at 11:34 PM | Karen Kramer

Broken Churches

Today we have half the number of churches than we had a hundred years ago. And each year we lose another 4000. That’s an incredible loss, but why are people leaving church?

I did some unofficial polling and these reasons topped the list:

1) Internet Church: brings a wide variety of inspiring messages with just a simple mouse click. Church without the church. No buildings to support or people to bug you. You never have to quit, because you never really belong.

2) Jesus-Lite Church: Sometimes a feel-good message is appealing. No Bible needed. Just hear the power of positive cheerleading and leave. But feel-good messages eventually get old. People quit coming.

3) Love Less Church: These churches are rule-based without much love. People quit when they feel like they’ll never measure up—often carrying away their hurt feelings, resentment, and a few examples of hypocrisy among the churchgoers. FULL POST

Posted 10/15/15 at 11:05 PM | Karen Kramer

Escape From the World’s Largest Prison

Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park knows too much for her 22 years. Americans would probably have a hard time understanding the kind of brutality she endured. Her book, In Order to Live details life in North Korea—eating rats to survive and routinely seeing dead bodies in the streets. She was taught to believe that Brilliant Comrade, Kim Jong Un could read her mind. She dared not think bad thoughts.

Americans were hated. In school, Yeonmi learned to refer to Americans as “bastards”. Those US bastards were the reason she was starving and her family suffered in dire poverty, living in filth, and nearly freezing each winter.

Yet even with no access to the outside world, bits of truth seeped in. Ironically, her first exposure to Western ideas was a black-market DVD of the movie, Titanic. In her young life, she’d seen countless people die for the regime, but never willingly die for love. FULL POST

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