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Posted 4/17/15 at 8:24 AM | Karen Kramer

Doomsday Negotiations

I’m not a political diplomat, but having studied communications and interpersonal relationships, when someone lies and hurls death threats, it effectively ends meaningful discourse. Welcome to negotiations with Iran—where the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps encourages the “Death to America” chants among the crowds after weekly prayers and during political rallies. To them, the United States, “is still the great Satan and the enemy of the (Islamic) revolution…”

Just a couple months ago in the Persian Gulf, the Iranians sent a blazing message when they blew up a full-size model of the U.S.S. Nimitz. And let’s not ignore the poignant words by the supreme leader’s representative, Ali Shirazi, “When we look at the Islamic world, we see that the culture of the Islamic revolution has reached all countries and all Muslims throughout the world….We shall not rest until we raise the flag of Islam over the White House.” FULL POST

Posted 4/14/15 at 11:17 AM | Karen Kramer

Speak Up about Day of Silence

Our nation’s government-funded schools will be allowing a Day of Silence Friday April 17th. Thousands of high schools and middle schools will be recognizing this special day sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

Robbing students of precious instruction time, anyone supporting GLSEN can remain silent throughout the day. Our tax dollars are subsidizing a political movement and all students, whether they support GLSEN or not, will be impacted.

Parents are urged to consider keeping their children home on the Day of Silence while also sending letters to school administrators, teachers, and school board members.

School districts lose money when students are absent—and when a political decision is the reason kids stay home schools will feel the cost. Our public schools have enough issues without them becoming political tools for radical agendas.

Visit the doswalkout website for further information on opposing the Day of Silence.

Posted 4/10/15 at 8:08 AM | Karen Kramer

Fast Lane Living

Despite all the years, she still looked good and kept herself in top shape, running nearly every day. She loved life in the fast lane—and all the things that accompanied fast lane living. There were plenty of rumors about her checkered past, but she never talked, so no one knew for sure how much was true.

As she made her way around town, her sexy and sleek features could make heads turn, especially when she deliberately broke the rules. But she wasn’t a fool. She played by the book when authority figures were around.

She’d never been the jealous type either. She didn’t care about anyone’s looks but her own. She just wished that time would slow down.

She may not have looked that much older, but she felt it. She got tired more easily and it seemed that youthful upstarts were gaining ground. FULL POST

Posted 4/9/15 at 1:26 PM | Karen Kramer

Disney’s New Christian Bashing Show

One Million Moms

One Million Moms hopes to forestall the release of Disney-ABC’s Family of the Year.

This is a sitcom based on the life of Dan Savage, a mean-spirited, anti-Christian, violence-touting, political activist.

The humor that can be found at the expense of Christians must seem entertaining to the producers at Disney and ABC, but do we really need another show that is spawning hatred against those who love God?

In an effort to inform viewers about Dan Savage and his brand of hatred, OMM and the Family Research Council have included videos of Savage in their effort to fully inform viewers, but be advised they are extremely graphic and offensive. Both of these can be viewed on the link here. Don’t be silent at a time Christians need to be united against hatred. Sign the petition to stop this offensive show now.

Posted 4/8/15 at 9:46 AM | Karen Kramer

Cancelled: Neighbors With Benefits

Neighbors with Benefits A & E

After two airings of Neighbors With Benefits, the show has been cancelled due to lack of advertisers. Thanks in large part to an outpouring of complaints funneled through One Million Mom’s email campaign, A & E network cancelled the show even though another nine one-hour segments had already been filmed.

May this send a resounding call to Christians and concerned families across our nation, that our collective voices do matter when the unholy dollar is at stake. Advertisers fear losing valued customers and would rather switch shows than lose revenue in the marketplace.

It never hurts to lend support to good, faithful causes, so if you’re so inclined you can send a donation to One Million Moms as they continue fighting for moral values on the airwaves and advertising. They also welcome your prayers in this monumental effort.

Posted 4/7/15 at 8:14 AM | Karen Kramer

Our Sexual Epidemic

April is STD Awareness Month and today’s sexually active people need to be reminded about the consequences of sexually transmitted diseases. Having multiple sexual partners exponentially increases the STD infection odds.

Condoms are touted for their latex protection against STDs. Yet, in recent Planned Parenthood (the government-funded abortion provider) surveys, nearly 60% of women rarely or never ask their partner to use condoms.

And 95% of women didn’t use condom protection during oral sex. Two of the most contagious and incurable STDs can be transmitted orally—Herpes Simplex II and the Human papillomavirus (the one that causes 99% of all cervical cancers). HPV has also been linked to throat cancer and anal cancer.

Also spread orally are gonorrhea and chlamydia—both treatable—but in the case of chlamydia it is often detected after serious damage has been done to the woman’s reproductive organs. It remains a leading cause of infertility.


Posted 4/3/15 at 8:17 AM | Karen Kramer

Cancer, the Cross, and Easter

Chandra knew. Mothers are so intuitive. When her daughter came back from a year of travel abroad, the physical changes weren’t from strenuous hiking. Her daughter looked ill.

Medical tests followed, and the prognosis was what she feared. Cancer.

In the quiet of the early morning when sleep became elusive, Chandra knew she’d lose her daughter. It was an acceptance she didn’t want to make.

Chandra’s single motherhood had tested her in many ways. There was never enough money, nor a faithful father for her daughter. In fact, faith in anything seemed pointless until now.

Could God really be bigger than cancer?

Chandra wanted to know, because her heart couldn’t bear the loss. During the year that followed, which included surgery, chemo, radiation, waiting rooms, and test results, Chandra and her daughter weren’t alone. FULL POST

Posted 3/31/15 at 8:20 AM | Karen Kramer

The New Civil War: Religious Liberty

Social media battles lines have been drawn. Profile pictures of rainbow decals accompany caustic tweets and posts about gay discrimination because of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Act.

But shouldn't we have the liberty to exercise our religious beliefs—most notably when it pertains to gay weddings—supplying cakes, flowers, and performing gay marriage ceremonies?

American businesses average $1.3 trillion in annual retail transactions—and the existing federal religious freedom law has never been used to deny service to a LGBT individual. But that same federal law didn’t protect the baker in Oregon or the florist in Washington or the photographer in Colorado. They all were unjustly sued for refusing service for gay weddings. It should be their decision, not cause for discrimination lawsuits.

But this isn’t a problem with Indiana, or a religious freedom law; it’s a problem with Christian Americans (supposedly the majority in the nation) who have stood idle while a vocal minority has placed unfair burdens on us. We’ve lost the battle of marriage being just between a man and a woman. The next conflict will be gay “hiring discrimination” in religious businesses, religious non-profits, and religious schools. Closely thereafter will be gender-distinction battles. Minnesota activists are currently seeking to eliminate any gender distinction in high school sports. It would allow either sex to play on either team and use the locker room of his/her choice. FULL POST

Posted 3/27/15 at 8:22 AM | Karen Kramer

For the Love of March Madness

                     Winners and losers—that’s life, but who we become afterwards, that’s up to us.

My newly divorced dad was trying to connect to me, his teenaged daughter. Munching my breakfast cereal, Dad placed the sports section of the Seattle Post Intelligencer in front of me. He quickly explained how the NCAA basketball tournament worked. The Seattle PI was offering a contest—the best bracket would win a trip to Hawaii. Basketball didn’t enthuse me, but scanning the prizes, I thought, why not?

Folding the paper, Dad said we’d begin our research that evening. Research? I had real homework to do. How hard could it be to pick winners and losers? But that was all part of the fun according to Dad.

This was before the Internet, so researching college teams wasn’t easy. FULL POST

Posted 3/25/15 at 8:17 AM | Karen Kramer

One Big Happy Sinful Mess

NBC's One Big Happy

After sponsors pulled their financial support of NBC’s The New Normal, producers went to work creating another television program designed to desensitize America. Executive producer and openly gay Ellen DeGeneres and NBC writers recently premiered One Big Happy (airs Tuesday 9:30 ET).

Lizzy and Luke, childhood friends, are now adults seeking to start a family—but not in any traditional way. Lizzy is a lesbian and wants to get pregnant. Luke has a quick romance with Prudence who is heading back to England in a few days. As Lizzy announces her pregnancy, Prudence and Luke get married—and this cozy group decides to be a family together. Besides containing far too much pixilated nudity, the show’s vulgar jokes glamorize one-night stands, foul language and homosexuality. One Million Moms email campaign helped end The New Normal after one dismal season. They hope to do it again. Click here for an easy-to-send email to the show’s sponsors. It does make a difference. Speak up for decency and make the One Big Happy another flop.

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