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Posted 5/22/15 at 8:29 AM | Karen Kramer

Giving Their Tomorrows For Our Todays

At seventeen he felt awkward standing next to his family at the Memorial Day parade. His younger siblings enjoyed it all, but he’d rather be hanging out with his friends.

It was the same every year, his family getting together to honor Uncle John. After the parade, there’d be a picnic in Grandma’s backyard.

Uncle John had been killed long before he’d been born, so all the Memorial stuff didn’t matter to him. But it mattered to his grandma.

Sulking in Grandma’s living room, he didn’t feel like playing games in the backyard. As he sat alone, he saw an old photo of his Uncle John.

He picked up the picture gazing into the face of the young, uniformed soldier taken in a war torn jungle. Grandma came in and saw him looking at John’s picture.

“I’d like to show you something.” Grandma motioned for him to follow. FULL POST

Posted 5/15/15 at 8:20 AM | Karen Kramer

Diminishing Christians and the Baker’s Dilemma

A recent Pew Research Center poll revealed declining numbers of Christians in America. Church leaders are scrambling to explain why. I have an idea. Maybe it’s because of people like me who have struggled with the whole Christian “love” thing. Jesus told his followers, “Love others as you love yourself.”

Loving those who think like I do is easy, but loving people of different faiths, or no faith, while living in the midst of our rapidly diversifying culture, that’s been harder.

But God hasn’t changed his mind on the love commandment. As a blogger, I’ve been caught in the crossfire between some hard-line atheists and brutally dogmatic Christians. I can almost imagine Jesus shaking his head as judgmental words flew back and forth.

We Christians need to consider how we’re going to relate in a post-Christian nation.

Will judgment or love increase our Christian numbers?

Which leads me to an editor’s soul-searching assignment. The directions: FULL POST

Posted 5/14/15 at 11:13 AM | Karen Kramer

Transgendered Girl Scouts

The Girl Scouts will now welcome boys who identify as girls. According to the Girl Scouts of America website: "If the child is recognized by the family and school/community as a girl and lives culturally as a girl, then Girl Scouts is an organization that can serve her in a setting that is both emotionally and physically safe."

Transgenderism is here, America. Our kids will be seeing it at younger ages—in school and now in their recreational activities. What do you think?

The American Family Association thinks that the Girl Scouts of America need to rescind their new policy. Already GS policies have led to a loss of over one million girls in their organization.

You can sign the AFA petition here.

Posted 5/8/15 at 6:54 AM | Karen Kramer

A Mother’s Heart by Choice

The first time I realized she had a special way with kids was when I watched her babysit a large family. She could snuggle a baby in one arm and stir a pot on the stove with the other. She could keep the older kids on task with their homework while keeping a close eye on the younger two swinging in the backyard.

Around that same time she became a Sunday school teacher’s helper. That quickly morphed into a full-fledged position when the director saw how the little kids flocked to her. She could simultaneously manage ten kid’s craft projects while keeping the most active boys enthralled during story time.

I kind of expected her to be an elementary teacher, but college took her in a different direction.

Marriage came but children didn’t—yet my sister always had a mother’s heart along with a fun-loving mind. Kerry loved kids—but even better—kids loved Kerry.

At a time we honor mothers and all they do and have done—I salute Kerry who has been the babysitter, the “fun” aunt, the counselor, the career advisor, and most important—the friend. She’s the one who could be told anything and keep a secret, yet impart wisdom that might not go over so well coming from a parent. Kerry loved with a mother’s heart while bringing lots of fun, inspiration, and passion for life. She gave us the best gift—love packaged with lots of joy. FULL POST

Posted 5/6/15 at 11:54 AM | Karen Kramer

National Teacher Appreciation Week

National Teacher Appreciation Week.

It's time to thank those committed to teaching our kids. They're working today for the future of our nation.

Posted 5/6/15 at 8:49 AM | Karen Kramer

Adultery Cures 7 Year Itch?

A & E Network doesn’t get it. When “Neighbors With Benefits” failed due to lack of sponsorship after two measly episodes, producers became anxious to see if “Seven Year Switch” might resonate with audiences.

Both shows highlight adultery and encourage it as entertainment and perhaps the spice any marriage needs to remain vibrant.

In “Seven Year Switch” four couples “at a crossroads in their relationship” will get the opportunity to not just separate from their current spouse but to live with another person—yes including sleeping with him/her. Consider it a two-week experimental relationship. After this brief hiatus from married life the original couples reunite and determine whether they should renew their vows or call it quits.

Gena McCarthy, one of the senior programming executives overseeing this venture, describes “Seven Year Switch” as a way to see if absence really does make the heart grow fonder. FULL POST

Posted 5/5/15 at 8:14 AM | Karen Kramer

Risk Free Prom Night

About thirty days after Prom Night we routinely had an uptick in pregnancy tests at our clinic. While some of those were negative, others were not. One night of fancy dresses and dinners ended up changing lives forever.

So here’s how to plan a risk-free prom night:

Let’s start with the right date. For girls, choose a young man that will respect your personal boundaries. Sex shouldn’t have to be the nightcap of a high school dance.

Why not invite several couples to share the evening—remaining together to enjoy dinner, dancing, and any post-dance activities.

Choose the right attire. Many prom dresses are glorified Las Vegas strip club frocks—designed to entice and be sexy. Guys are visual and take their cues from provocative clothing. Why not go retro and find something classic to wear? While we don’t have many modern examples of classy looks—you can create a beautiful vision in a striking outfit that accentuates your qualities not your cleavage.


Posted 5/1/15 at 8:20 AM | Karen Kramer

Please Don’t Look Away

Seattle has its share of homeless folks—just like in most cities. It’s a hard situation without easy solutions.

Yet, every time I visit the land of Seahawks and Mariners, of skyscrapers and the Space Needle, I’ll walk right past the folks who have no home.

What else can I do? How much will a couple bucks help?

I’ve tried the cluster approach, where I gather with a fast-moving group and we collectively ignore the beggar on the corner. It’s like a human shield protecting me from having to consider the dollar bills in my purse.

However, it was mid-morning and my fellow cluster must have already been at work. I walked alone with my cell phone in one hand and my handbag tucked close to my side.

I’m adept at pretending to be on an important call—appearing oblivious to the suffering on the sidewalk. So, not only am I ignoring a human need, I’m a liar as well. I’m ashamed to think how often I’ve done this. FULL POST

Posted 4/28/15 at 12:40 PM | Karen Kramer

Younger Needs to Go

Screen Shot from TV Land's Younger

As if we don’t have enough hedonistic shows on the airwaves, Sex and the City writer and producer, Darren Star created the sexually themed sitcom, Younger. TV Land Network airs this show Tuesday nights at 10 pm. The premise is a 40 year- old suddenly single mom needing to find employment.

She meets a young guy at a bar and since he thinks she’s younger than her 40 years, she decides to pass herself off as 26. Of course, the deception allows her to get a dream job and date a much younger guy. Viewers see pixilated nudity, a topless outdoor lunch during Topless Tuesday, bedroom scenes that leave nothing to the imagination, excessive alcohol consumption, and a litany of crude jokes.

Younger is designed to entertain, but at the expense of any decency. Once again, One Million Moms has an email campaign to alert the show’s sponsors that these deplorable shows won’t be supported. Extra Gum (Wrigley/Mars, Inc) is one of the sponsors, so let them know there are plenty of other brands we can chew. Click here to email them your disapproval.

Posted 4/27/15 at 8:24 AM | Karen Kramer

Marriage: Only God’s Way is Right

On April 28th, as my husband and I celebrate thirty-six years of marriage, the Supreme Court will begin hearing oral arguments for and against traditional marriage.

For those with same-sex attraction and desire to wed, you’ve been granted legal status to marry in many states, but don’t ask God to approve. It’s marriage God’s way or no way. This isn’t hate speech; it’s His Word.

My husband and I came of age in the midst of the sexual revolution. It was a time of freedom from religion. As the no-fault divorce craze swept the nation, shacking-up became common.

Lots of Baby Boomers put God on the highest shelf, making choices without God’s overriding influence on selfish day-to-day living. God was yanked from our schools and the public arena and this created a vacuum that was filled with blatant narcissism. Thanks to Boomers and their offspring, we’ve seen the demise of the family and our faith-oriented culture. Behavior that God calls an abomination is not only legal, it’s discriminatory to think otherwise. Our religious freedom is eroding along with our values. FULL POST

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