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Posted 7/25/14 at 9:30 AM | Karen Farris |

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ישראל היא לנצח (Israel is Forever)

Let’s go back in time—not thousands of years, just a single decade, when Israel vacated Gaza and began the process of forming a two-nation state.

They left behind buildings, settlements, and uprooted their own citizens. Israel also left behind 3000 greenhouses, already producing luscious fruits suitable for export and a much needed income for the fledgling Palestinian nation.

Additionally, the borders were opened to encourage commerce between the neighbors. Israel desired to live in peace, side by side with Gaza.

Gaza was provided the freedom and infrastructure to thrive independently, but they chose to tear down those 3000 greenhouses and elect Hamas as their ruling authority.

So during the past decade instead of building a prosperous nation, Hamas has constructed a military zone. You’ve likely heard about the rocket launchers placed in Gaza’s schools, hospitals and private homes. The missiles fired into Israel (now at least 2000) are mostly stopped by the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system. Yet it achieves its purpose: retaliation from Israel. FULL POST

Posted 7/23/14 at 9:45 AM | Karen Farris

Black Jesus on Cartoon Network

Adult Swim Bing Images

Premiering August 7th at 11:00 pm, Black Jesus is about a “black guy living in the hood”. Yes, it’s about Jesus, the Son of God, but the producers are mocking our Lord. The Cartoon Network has a late night theme, called Adult Swim, and it is during this time frame Black Jesus will air.

The show’s trailer features foul language, using the Lord’s name in vain, and inappropriate gestures that are a total affront to the character of Jesus. Arguably due to the late hour, children won’t be exposed to the blasphemous treatment of our Lord, but allowing a show that openly disdains Christianity and God should not air without complaint and objections.

One Million Moms has prepared an email letter directly to Adult Swim, which is owned by Turner Broadcasting System, Inc (a Time Warner company) to cancel this program that is blatantly anti-Christian (Click Here to complain). In a time of increasing hostility to Christians, this show, besides offering highly offensive entertainment, adds to the abuse and misrepresentation Christians face in our nation and around the world.

Posted 7/22/14 at 8:13 AM | Karen Farris

Name Calling Christians

I kept re-reading the scathing email. For some reason I couldn’t believe it was addressed to me. Mission accomplished for the sender—it demoralized me.

Blogging my opinion comes with the expectation of rebuttals, but a hateful message from someone on the same side? That was harsh.

But it got me wondering why Christians build walls—is it to keep the heathens out and or is it a safe fortress from which to hurl opinionated stones at an offending world? I used to throw verbal rocks at people. Sometimes I still do. So, I’m no better than my odious emailer, but as Pastor Daniel Darling says, “Potshots are not a spiritual gift.” Indeed.

What was my horrendous blogging foible? I suggested that we love others regardless of where they are in their personal journey. I pushed a hot button by audaciously suggesting that God loved these people even as they made their ungodly choices (Christ died for the ungodly Romans 5:6). The angry response: heretics like me used to be burned at the stake. No mistaking the intent there. FULL POST

Posted 7/18/14 at 9:48 AM | Karen Farris

Money Won’t Buy Her Time

The limousine carefully nosed into the cancer center’s circle drive. Most patients arrive by family car or a shuttle bus.

Heads turned to observe the long, white limo with darkened windows. The driver hustled to the passenger door and offered his gloved hand (seriously, a gloved hand) to the meticulously dressed woman.

I was just inside the main doors as her entourage entered. Not dallying, or looking at anyone else, the woman, who appeared to be in her mid-fifties, forged ahead to the row of elevators. There she had to wait with the rest of us. She dictated orders to a woman I assumed was her secretary. When we exited on the same floor, I suspected we’d be sharing the waiting room. The front desk fitted her with the regulation plastic ID bracelet. The medical tag contrasted starkly with her diamond-studded cuff bracelet.

She then commandeered a section of the waiting room, and soon her secretary and other staff members were making calls and conducting business. The woman waved her arms dramatically as she directed her personal orchestra—her face fixed in a permanent scowl. FULL POST

Posted 7/16/14 at 12:18 PM | Karen Farris

Ten Years and Fourteen Thousand Teens

It's official. I have “retired” from visiting school classrooms and youth groups. I’ve talked to a lot of students. But if I consider 14 thousand a large number, I need to ask myself, “How many actually listened?” Humbling thought.

Each classroom visit was my opportunity to convey some realities about things teens face and the importance of making healthy choices. Without going into the stark details, I was given the chance to step inside the Millennial’s world and nothing could have prepared me for what I learned.

Believe me when I say that a few participate in sexual activities you don’t want to know about. Some have the idea that monogamy is having lots of relationships, just one at a time. Some dabble with risky choices, while others choose not to dabble at all. But most students are fully aware of what is happening. Innocence has been lost, often before middle school.

It has been an enlightening journey. Besides being technologically superior to me, most teens are also quite savvy. This is what I learned from them: FULL POST

Posted 7/14/14 at 10:13 AM | Karen Farris |


No Sex on MTV’s Virgin Territory

MTV-Virgin Territory

MTV is notable for its raunchy reality shows and sexually themed music videos, but they are premiering, Virgin Territory Wednesday at 11 PM EDT.

The show highlights virgin Millennials as they cope with a sex-saturated culture and determine how long they should wait for sex.

Luke Conger, who appears on the show, states, “The first relationship is the most important, and that’s my relationship with God.” He also believes that sex is something you save for your wife.

MTV-Virgin Territory

Twenty-two year old, Dominque Sullivan is proud of her virginity. She shares that virgins get lots of “flak” but that those who choose to save sex for marriage still have fun. Also featured on the show is a newly married young woman who saved sex for her husband. Her reason for being on a reality show was to have young people see that it is possible to make this choice. FULL POST

Posted 7/11/14 at 9:36 AM | Karen Farris

Stand Tall or Fall

The tide deposited a massive stump on the shore. Its weathered appearance indicated a lengthy time drifting along the waters. I ran my fingers across the ridged growth rings. A seasoned forester can look at the rings and know if it was a year of moisture or drought. Lighter rings are formed in the spring and darker ones in the summer—together they form one growth ring. There had to be at least 250 rings.

I sat on it and considered where it had once grown and how many seasons it had seen before it had been cut down. It was probably a sapling when Native American tribes spied the first explorers and fur trappers on the Olympic Peninsula. On the other side of the continent, patriots were preparing for the American Revolution.

I counted off the rings and imagined what our nation faced at the time— the Battle of the Alamo, the Mexican-American War and Native Americans on the Trail of Tears. I counted more rings—and thought of my great grandparents struggling along the Oregon Trail with their covered wagons filled with farming implements, hearts of hope, and not much more. During the tree's centennial years, the American Civil War was fought. FULL POST

Posted 7/8/14 at 10:52 AM | Karen Farris |


Traveling on Remorse Road

There are certain thoughts that bring me down. Like this one: “If I’d only bought that land back then, I would have made so much money.” Sure, I see it now. I blew a big opportunity. I played it safe and lost. Big time. That newsreel keeps replaying in my head.

You could fill-in-your-own-blank. Rather than a land acquisition, it could have been college, or a career move, or a goodbye you wished you hadn’t said.

I can shake my head remorsefully and wish I’d been wiser, willing to risk to get those financial rewards. Clearly, those scrubby acres have made some folks incredibly wealthy. My head shakes remorsefully again. But only God knows what I would have been like had I scored big. This is when I remind myself that whom the Lord blesses with much, much is also expected.

Oh sure, I’d like to imagine myself exceedingly altruistic and spiritual with my overflowing bank accounts. But God knew how I would’ve handled the wealth. FULL POST

Posted 7/4/14 at 7:52 AM | Karen Farris

A Gift for America

How could a feisty old widow help her country? Well, after giving me an earful, she helped me see how the little things do matter.

Alone, after a lifetime with her mate, Mrs. M shared a small apartment with her beloved cat. At 94 her stooped body belied a much stronger spirit.

She’d cultivated strong opinions from years of experience. If anyone cared to listen, she’d wave a bony finger and innumerate America’s woes.

Shuffling to a comfy chair, she sat down after offering tea and a plate of Oreos. Her graciousness spoke of gentler times. I expected an afternoon of complaints—life as it used to be and how America was “going to hell in a handbasket.”

But today her finger pointed at herself and what she could have done when she’d had more energy. She lamented not volunteering at the school where she could have helped little kids learn to read—or offering her time at the library when they needed help teaching immigrants English.

She’d made excuses back then. Now she counted how many lives she didn’t help, rather than those she did. FULL POST

Posted 7/2/14 at 10:04 AM | Karen Farris

Five Second Rule

This isn’t about the safety of food dropped on the floor and snatching it up prior to five seconds; it’s about a time delay before opening our mouth to speak.

This is about my beautiful, rambunctious, and verbally impulsive friend Terrie. If anyone needed the five-second rule it was Terrie.

Ever opinionated and supremely intelligent beyond her youthful appearance, Terrie is one of those people who will tell you the truth right from the starting line. She’s the one who’ll point out how the new yellow shirt you’re wearing makes you look sick. On the upside, she always points out if you have food stuck between your teeth or dirt on your face. Terrie earned her reputation as a straight shooter.

I could count on her to have an opinion on anything. I mean everything. Some would find that refreshing. I wondered how her new husband would take it. I invited her to coffee a few weeks after the honeymoon.

“He has absolutely no decorating sense.” Terrie complained. They had just had their first huge argument in front of their apartment Dumpster, where she’d unceremoniously chucked his bottle cap collection and random posters. She had no room in her life or apartment for his tacky stuff. He was hurt and a bit miffed. FULL POST

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