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ABC's Real O'Neals aren't real Catholics

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ABC has a new sitcom, The Real O’Neals...just like average American families they are vulgar, law-breaking, divorcing Catholics, with a gay son. (Tuesday evening 8:30 pm).

Laugh lines come at the expense of God. While ABC is promoting this truly dysfunctional family as perfect Irish-Catholics, their antics are abhorrent to those of God-honoring faith.

For instance, the daughter steals the money she is supposedly raising for charity. The mom encourages her gay son to have sex with a girl just to “try it”. Jesus appears to the gay son, and is annoyed with the mom’s strict guidelines for him. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised to find out that ultra anti-Christian bigot Dan Savage serves as one of the producers—and the show’s content comes from some of his experiences. One Million Moms encourages Christians to take action by contacting advertisers of The Real O-Neals. Click here to send an email.

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