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Age of Deception

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Jeff Stern

It’s the Information Age. It’s the Age of Deception too. With the speed of WiFi we can read and see it all.

Recently, pictures circulated about a UN police force coming to key American cities.

Soon, stories with scary scenarios circulated and our current leadership endorsed the effort. I In a time of instant information, be your own investigator.

The story was scary, but false.

Remember the photo of rice-sized microchips?

The caption declared that Americans would be forcibly implanted with them because of new Obamacare rules. Readers were warned that it could be the end-times mark of the beast.

No, this time it was just another sensational fabrication.

How about that condemning picture of Hillary Clinton shaking the hand of Osama bin Ladin? This was created for a Photoshop contest. Pretty convincing, eh?

We need to develop our online sensibility-filter to discern truth from fiction. A level of distrust for our government and its leaders has led to more widespread rumors.

Also, the media, supposedly a clarion voice of unbiased truth, deliberately takes sides.

Remember the childhood game where everyone sat in a circle and a person would whisper a statement to the person next to them? That child would whisper the same thing to the next and on around the circle it would go. Until the final child would repeat what had been said. Very often it was quite different from the original message. Sometimes a deliberate attempt to alter the message had occurred somewhere in the circle.

Deception is intentional. Don’t be its victim and don’t perpetuate it. Beware as you share online.

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. James 1:5

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