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Alluring Mistresses

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Network TV Press Releases

Television audiences will soon be able to witness the "scandalous lives" of four friends as they choose to deliberately hurt those that love them. Mistresses will debut on ABC, Monday June 3 at 10:00 PM.

The audience can expect sex, lies, adultery and some lesbian activities. The show is being promoted with the tagline: “Attraction. Passion, Deception. I can’t help it.”

The television ads promoting the upcoming series proclaim it’s filled with “Endless possibilities” and “Thirteen weeks of seduction” and “Who have you been doing?”

Yes, the 10:00 PM hour is later in the evening, but viewer discretion is advised since the bedroom scenes are soft porn.

Once again, One Million Moms has an email campaign to alert ABC of an effort to avoid all support for any advertisers of the show as well as alerting families across the nation to avoid this vulgar program. Please consider joining the effort and send your letter now. We can’t complain about the deplorable condition of our culture if we aren’t willing to do what we can. OMM makes it easy to voice your objections.

For more information on all the efforts of One Million Moms—click on their website and consider joining. We can fight Hollywood—one letter at a time.

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