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3/13/13 at 10:15 AM 16 Comments

American Armageddon: Will God Allow Our Destruction?

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We hear that God is the God of second chances. We’ve gotten used to the pardons continually offered to those who just can’t seem to kick their pesky sins. Don’t bother changing those sinful hearts. Fear not, God is the God of second, third, fourth, and fifth chances. Just do your best, and God will clean up the mess.

I disagree. God is a God of forgiveness only because of what Jesus did for us on the cross. God doesn’t merely wink and shake His head at our sins—while continuing to allow our flagrant disregard for Him. We won’t receive God’s forgiveness if we ignore His Son and the tremendous cost of our sins.

After forgiving the adulteress, Jesus told her to go and sin no more. He wasn’t anticipating another scene like the one they’d just had. God made it clear: give up the sin. But we’ve gotten accustomed to being repeat offenders. In our morally relative culture we satisfy our lusts first and then ask forgiveness. We’ve cheapened Jesus’ sacrifice and mock God. And through our complicity, we’ve allowed our nation to slip further into a depravity that rivals ancient Rome.

We can pray for protection from what is bound to happen to our nation for aborting 50 million of our own, snubbing God’s provision for marriage, neglecting wise counsel for fiscal responsibility, and for not honoring God with wholesome respect and love for one another.

Yet, God is still God. The same God that offers forgiveness also allows sin’s consequences. And that is what we are left with, America—the consequences. We can’t alter the penalty for our nation’s sins, only God can.

Bible history records the obliteration of nations that worshipped false gods..powerless gods that couldn't save them from destruction. Now our nation worships the god of self. And we are just as powerless to save ourselves from destruction.

Will God give America another chance to repent or allow our destruction? God knows. So, Christians, let’s shine our light for others to see in our ever-darkening America. Perhaps some will be saved. Re-read the Gospel of Mark chapter 13 and use your time wisely. Do what you can for your broken communities but also be ready to head for the hills.

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