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America’s Pastime

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Baseball’s opening day is nearly here, but fewer people care. Will a new generation even give it a chance?

Our son loved baseball. A day at the ballpark brought plenty of excitement. Well, back then it was easier to keep a kid’s attention before the hyper-digital age.

Besides the aura of the stadium and seeing a live game, some of the friendly MLB players would take time to sign autographs beforehand.

Talk about inspiring a young ball player! Recently a sportswriter lamented that baseball has lost its appeal.

We just don’t move at a nine-inning pace anymore. That may be true, but listen to how much we talk baseball:

For the successful sales team: “They hit it out of the park”

How about when we need a rough estimate of a repair: “Can you ballpark it?”

When someone lets you down: “He dropped the ball.”

Or if you want to encourage more effort: “Hey, step up to the plate.”

When someone is undermining your efforts at work: “They’re playing hardball.”

How about when someone has it wrong: “He’s so off-base.”

For when you want to stay connected: “Hey, touch base with me, okay?”

How many times have you told a little kid: “That’s two strikes against you.”

Or for the smart kid: “You learned that right off the bat.”

For those unexpected projects coming your way: “My boss sure threw me a curveball.”

And if the boss needs reinforcements: “I’m bringing in the heavy hitters on this one.”

Former Major League Baseball coach, Rich Donnelly shared how baseball is like life: “You start out at home and get a little older (first base).

Then in early adulthood (second base), you’re the furthest from home you’ll ever be.

You get a little older and wiser (third base), and you see home plate. Then you realize that where you want to be is where you already were.”

Our days at the big stadium with our young son are past. He’s grown and standing on “second base”. But he’s leading off second, keeping a careful eye on the pitcher and catcher, preparing to steal third. And I know when he’s standing on third, there is no way anyone will keep him from scoring. Like Rich Donnelly shared, home is where we start and it’s where we want to be.

Maybe baseball doesn’t move fast enough anymore, but in our hurry what are we missing?

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