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Apps Prevent Sexual Attacks

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Can your smartphone save your life, prevent harassment or other dangerous encounters? Indeed. Here are four free apps to check out now:

Guardly is what every college student needs. It has a one-tap app that stores 15 contacts. Guardly has GPS capabilities and a network failure feature and allows one-way alerts to your contacts in case of emergency. As a feature for college students, Guardly connects directly with campus police if an emergency alert is received on campus.

Circle of Six brings six close friends encircling you with protection. The app comes with GPS location finders and an automated message, such as, “I need help getting home” or “Call and pretend you need me. I need an interruption.” Sometimes this can prevent a situation such as a date rape scenario from escalating.

bSafe has multiple features for those that walk or travel. The app requires registering one primary contact but you can add unlimited friends to the list. With GPS features, the app highlights routes taken and allows the contacts to follow until the owner sends the signal, “I’m here” which signifies a safe arrival.

Hollaback is an app meant to discourage the catcalls and hecklers young women sometimes face. This app can instantly report harassment while using GPS to pinpoint the street location. Photos can also document the abuser. This one doesn’t come equipped with the built-in alert system, but it could be a way to validate harassing situations, which can then lead to some solutions.

Certainly technology and smartphones have their drawbacks, and GPS may seem like Big Brother, but why not use some of the safety features that can actually save your life?

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