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7/20/13 at 09:46 AM 5 Comments

Blocking Christians on Facebook

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Kirk Cameron's Facebook fan page

Why would Facebook want to block Kirk Cameron’s efforts to promote his upcoming movie Unstoppable? Apparaently Facebook felt the trailer for the movie was abusive and unsafe and blocked anyone from reposting the link to the movie’s trailer.

Cameron tried to contact Facebook and have the block removed, but he couldn’t get a response from anyone. Then he alerted his 500,000 fans on Facebook what had happened. Thousands and thousands of fans quickly re-posted his plea to be unblocked, and the effort nudged Facebook into removing the block.

Cameron was ecstatic with the fan-based victory. “If we work together, we really do have a voice.” Cameron exclaimed. It makes you wonder why Facebook would have an issue with a film about a boy who battled cancer. The movie deals with a topic many face: when bad things happen to good people—and the struggle we can experience as our faith is stretched. This film is an encouraging message about faith, hope and love in the midst of tragedy.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has been criticized by conservatives and Christians because their messages have either been blocked or banned because of “abusive content”. Let’s remember Kirk Cameron’s approach—work with your Christian brothers and sisters in faith, and mountains will move—in this case the mountain was Facebook.

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