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United States of California?

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We are not the United States of California, but in a nation without the Electoral College, we might as well be.

Even President Obama has opined that the Electoral College is a relic of the past.

Democrats are now at work with revisionist legislation for the Electoral College’s demise. But our wise Founders prepared for an eventuality that a regional candidate could dominate a national election. Or in the case of California, a bastion of liberals with enough popular votes could take our nation anywhere it wanted to go.

The liberal media keeps clamoring that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than 2.8 million votes. Without California (where Trump wisely saved his money and mostly campaigned elsewhere) Trump won, handily. Here’s the 2016 presidential election without California: Trump won by 1.4 million votes, 58,474,401 to Clinton’s 57,064,530. Trump also won 30 states, earning the 306 Electoral votes to Clinton’s 232.

California politics are virtually Republican-free. No Republican ran for state office and none ran for the congressional districts. California’s Democratic tax and spend policies have been firmly entrenched for decades. California won’t become a Red state in our lifetime.

Comments by Karen

But without the Electoral College, California's fiscal policies that have led to gross overspending and burdensome taxation, would be enacted nationally if THEY controlled the presidential election.

Let’s send a clear message to Congress not to mess with our Constitution’s Electoral College. Our Founders knew exactly what they were doing, long before California became a nest of liberal ideologues.

Without Californiators dominating our nation’s election, Trump clearly won. Let’s make certain they don’t have an opportunity to defy the will of our nation in future elections.

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