Friday Tidings
11/12/13 at 04:43 PM 2 Comments

Calling All Bad Boys and Hot Girls

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Sometimes advertisements leave me at a loss for words. Check out Colorado’s approach to encouraging the Millennial Generation to sign up for Obamacare.

Each advertisement appeals to the cultural mindset that anything goes--except moral guidelines and recognizing that ultimately we will be held accountable for all our choices.

What's up with this???? Drinking before skiing? Sounds like taking chances. But as long as you're insured you're safe.

Okay. Let's make sure we make laws prohibiting transfats, but we encourage drinking out of a keg?

Why worry about the future, when you can have sex now? The Millenial Generation shouldn't take all the blame...the advertisements probably come from people in my generation. What is it we are trying to sell? And an even more probing questions is why? To see the rest of the ads click here.

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