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Carbon Tax Purgatory

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Washington State is famous for Starbucks, Microsoft, the Space Needle, and decades of Democrats at the helm.

Residents in the Evergreen State have legalized some of the most liberal abortion, pot-smoking, and mercy-killing laws on the books. It begins young too. Kindergarten students learn about tolerance and gender discrimination before they learn to read.

On the ballot November 8, is a carbon tax initiative. Hidden under layers of rhetoric and promises to reduce the state sales and business taxes, is a new carbon tax on businesses that burn fossil fuels.

The tax rate starts at $15.00 per metric ton increasing 3.5% per year until it reaches $100.00 per metric ton—levied against any business polluters.

But will it really help reduce greenhouse gas?

Using the Environmental Protection Agency’s climate model this sweeping carbon tax would reduce temperatures by twenty-five one-hundred-thousandths of a degree.

And that’s by the year 2100—if all the greenhouse gas emissions were eliminated immediately and permanently.

Well, by that calculation my young grandson would be 95 by the time this insignificantly cooler temperature was achieved.

But what if ALL the United States sunk into carbon tax purgatory and taxed all the polluters?

Wouldn’t that cool off those temperatures?

Only by less than three one-hundredths of a degree by the time my grandson is 95 (the year 2100).

Climate change is a sketchy deal. The increase in greenhouse gas does create a small warming effect, but not to the catastrophic conditions we keep hearing about.

The polar ice caps don’t show much statistical difference from 1981-2010. The intensity of tornados is declining. Cyclones are at their lowest levels since 1970. Since 1895 there has been no recordable drought trend.

So why the carbon tax? It’s about control. Americans, we need to become more informed. Here in Washington State we have a chance to vote. But if sensibility isn't part of the climate change debate we may lose our option to vote, and then we’ll all be in carbon tax purgatory.

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