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Darkened Nation

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I’m not a theologian, politician, professor, or psychologist. If I were any of those, I might be able to understand what is happening to the nation I’ve lived in for over a half-century. I’ve seen how several SCOTUS rulings have led to diabolical changes in our culture, but God already knew it would happen.

While our political machine has steamrolled legislation that regulates most aspects of our lives, it can’t control a heart that’s committed to Jesus. And no professor or psychologist will ever be able to explain faith in a way that Jesus did.

So as Christians wonder what this latest ruling will mean for our lives and nation, know this: God rules—not SCOTUS, or Congress, or President Obama. As people who represent Jesus, let’s remember that he loved the lepers before he cured them. Jesus allowed the prostitute to wipe his feet with her hair and tears (Luke 7:36-50) even before she had “cleaned-up” her lifestyle. Jesus wants us to bring our messy lives to him—no need to clean up first.

So as our nation continues on a road heading further from Christ, let us make sure our church doors are open wide to welcome all gay, lesbian, transgender, adulterer, pick-your-sin, person out there. Our churches are hospitals where we can heal our wounded souls and welcome God’s spirit inside every person who asks.

God loves us all—our quirks and sins included. God changes hearts—that will never be our job. But if we slam church doors shut, we will have to answer to God. So even if it appears to be getting darker, that just means that our light will shine even brighter.

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