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Dear Selfie Girl

Thu, Oct. 29, 2015 Posted: 04:42 PM

You’re young enough to be my granddaughter, which makes me old enough for you to consider me an old lady. But I care more about you than hundreds of your Facebook “friends”.

Your countless selfies have plenty of sex appeal, and I noticed the hotter the picture the more likes you get. Even though we’re “friends” I haven’t liked many of your pictures, but not for the reasons you think.

Yes, you’re young, beautiful and fifty likes may make you feel good. But I’d rather “like” the person you really are.

Has anyone ever thanked you for helping some of the other kids with their schoolwork? That’s generous of you.

Or have any of your friends noticed how well you write?

Did anyone else notice how you helped the shy little boy at your bus stop?

His mom told me that he hated going to school until the “girl with nice eyes” made his bus ride fun. You’re much more than your selfies.

(Not that I’d tell you this, but psychologists refer to what you’re doing as “deferred loneliness”. You’re living for likes but are really longing for love. Wanting to matter to someone, you post a picture and then count the likes).

Even with hundreds of friends, you’re a lovely, but very lonely young girl. So when I see another one of your selfies I realize that maybe there aren’t enough people telling you that you’re loveable even if you didn’t have cute new shoes, or that sassy look on your face.

I want you to know that love isn’t about “likes”. Love is someone telling you that you’re special in so many ways. You’re a capable young woman, who is making a difference in the lives of others.

And whenever you post a selfie, I’d like to send you a private message telling you just how special you really are. Because you need more love than likes.

Karen Farris