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Deportation Abomination—how you can help

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Why is the U.S. government working tirelessly to deport a non-threatening Christian family from Germany who are seeking political asylum, when they just released 2000 jailed illegal aliens? It appears illegal aliens are getting preferential treatment over a family who will face government persecution if deported.

Uwe and Hannelore Romeike and their six children lived a quiet life in Germany. But once their older children started going to school they became concerned. The public school curriculum undermined their Christian faith while encouraging children to rebel against their parents. They decided to risk educating their children at home—illegal in Germany. Government opposition and threats followed. Eventually a van with armed personnel came and forcibly removed their children from their home and took them to public school. Realizing they could be imprisoned and lose custody of their children, the Romeike family fled Germany and came to the United States seeking political asylum.

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) represented the family and in 2010 the Romeikes won political asylum. However the U.S. government overturned that decision in 2012. The case is now being appealed to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

If deported, the Romeikes could face enormous fines and potentially could lose custody of their children, along with possible imprisonment. This family is no threat to our nation, they have sought to come here legally, and they have much to offer as hard working immigrants and faithful Christians.

U.S. parents should ask, what if this happened in our home? What if the government decided to control all education? Why is our government deporting instead of supporting this family? The Romeikes need help.

Please consider signing the petition that HSLDA has initiated to ask the Obama Administration to grant the Romeikes permanent legal status. Sign the petition and to read more on this case at HSLDA:

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