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Driving Under the Influence of Stupidity

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Washington State drivers have a new “Driving Under the Influence of Electronics” law. Keep your hands off your phone—don’t even read that text message at a stop light. We are limited to a single finger (not that one) to “trigger a voice-activated application”.

Okay, I understand distraction, but how about reckless stupidity?

A few weeks ago, I witnessed a near-miss collision and it had nothing to do a phone. My rural highway leads to some spectacular camping spots. Tourists flock here every summer.

Thirty foot motorhomes and trucks pulling huge trailers routinely drive slower than the speed limit.

Most of them are unfamiliar with our curvy highway. I was behind a car that was tailgating a truck and travel trailer. But the slow-moving driver was almost going the speed limit—just a couple miles per hour under the limit.

Apparently, the tailgating driver was in a rush to get somewhere, so he attempted a foolish pass around the truck and trailer.

I slowed down and was far enough behind I could see an oncoming vehicle. The tailgater was so close he didn’t see what was ahead, until he was in the wrong lane.

Smoke came from the trailer tires as it braked hard. It swerved and swayed as it pulled over to the side. The oncoming car slowed and pulled to the other side. The tailgater blew past as if it was just another lap around the racetrack.

It happened in seconds.

While Driving Under the Influence of Electronics increases risk, so does stupidity.

Back when I took algebra, I had to calculate arrival times based on speed. If I go five miles per hour slower than the speed limit, I get to town 1-1/2 minutes later. That’s all.

And by going 10 miles over the limit, I get to town in 2-1/2 minutes faster. Not worth it.

Honestly, around here, I’m more worried about speeders than someone holding a cell phone. But then, maybe that’s because I've seen some bad accidents and too many near misses.

If you want to skip the algebra you can use this nifty link to calculate speed/time savings Click Here.

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